Wanderlust Wednesday: Stockholm

Introducing a new series, Wanderlust Wednesday, where I’ll share a memory from a past travel adventure. Given that this is the first Wanderlust Wednesday instalment, there’s no better place to start than Stockholm!

WW - 2012 - Stockholm 002

I was a bit late to the solo travel game; I’d travelled to different parts of Canada alone, but my first real solo adventure was at the age of 26. I’d always enjoyed travelling, but I didn’t really have the chance to travel (I was fresh out of university, trying to figure out this whole adult thing and had a penchant for shoes… i.e., I was pretty broke) until 2012.

When the planning for that adventure began, there was only one place on my list — Sweden. Okay, there were others on my list, but as I planned and plotted, and searched the internet for great tours, the only country I kept coming back to was Sweden.

I don’t know when my fascination with Sweden began (maybe the Vancouver Canucks of the mid-90s are to blame with their All-Star Swedish lineup…) but I’ve always been enamoured with the country and have enjoyed learning as much as I can about this northern nation. (I have an incredibly nerdy memory of taking out a book on Sweden and renewing it from the Vancouver Island Public Library as many times as I possibly could one summer. )

Thankfully after searching countless websites, I found a great two-week tour with Contiki that would not only let me start in Stockholm, but would check Russia and a few others off my bucket list (more on that adventure later…).

Swedish translation services

Stockholm was amazing. I felt right at home, despite not know the language and landing with a case of jet lag. After a nice shower and nap, I spent my four days wandering around the city, trying to take it all in, while simultaneously pinching myself that I was actually there.

The above photo was taken on my first full day in Stockholm — and by far the nicest day of my trip. The sun was shining and after aimlessly wandering through the Östermalm neighbourhood, I found myself at the water, looking out onto Gamla Stan. I wandered out onto the pier to get a better look at the buildings I’d been walking past, and just loved the lights and colours of the city.

Stockholm definitely did not disappoint. A clean, friendly and progressive city, I marvelled at the mashups of modern and historical architecture at every turn. As with all trips, my four days came and went, and before I knew it I was meeting up with my Contiki crew and we were off.

Although my time there was short, Stockholm left a lasting impression on me. I’ve longed to go back, and can’t wait to explore it again.

Have you been to Stockholm? What did you think? What were your must sees in the city?

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