Madrid Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights-

I can’t remember when I first came across the Navibus, but as soon as I read about it I was sold: a bus that drives you around the city so you can look at the Christmas Lights – where do I sign up!?

And, last week, I finally went.

Or, at least I tried to.

After an early dinner (well, early by Spanish standards, regular time for us) we took the subway out to Calle Serrano in hopes of boarding the famous Navibus. With my camera strapped around my neck, I’ve never felt so nerdy and yet so excited. I was ready to take in all the festiveness that Madrid could give me.

And then we saw the line. It was snaking its way through Plaza Colon.

Although the bus is scheduled to leave every 5 or so minutes, I knew our wait would be an hour or more, and I wasn’t sure I was willing to wait that long for a 40-minute bus-ride/light show. My heart sank a little; my Christmas light night that I had been looking forward to for some long wasn’t going to happen.

And, then it hit me. I moved on to plan B and suggested that we just wander our way downtown, sort of following the bus’ route to get there.

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It was perfect.

For over three hours we strolled through Madrid, walking from Salamanca to Gran Via to Puerta del Sol and finally ending in Palacio. Now, we obviously couldn’t make it to see all of the designs throughout the city, I think we did a pretty good job of covering a lot of ground.

Despite the weather being much hotter than we’re used to, wandering throughout the city to marvel at the lights really made it feel like Christmas.

Salamanca & Plaza Colon

Christmas Lights-3

Christmas Lights-4

Christmas Lights-5

Christmas Lights-6

Christmas Lights-7

Christmas Lights-8

Christmas Lights-15

Christmas Lights-14

Christmas Lights-13

Christmas Lights-12

Christmas Lights-11

Christmas Lights-10

Christmas Lights-9

Puerta de Alcalá

Christmas Lights-16

Christmas Lights-18

Christmas Lights-17

Gran Via

Christmas Lights-19

Christmas Lights-20

Christmas Lights-23

Christmas Lights-22

Christmas Lights-21

Puerta del Sol

Christmas Lights-24

Christmas Lights-28

Christmas Lights-29

Christmas Lights-27

Christmas Lights-26

Christmas Lights-25

Plaza Mayor

Christmas Lights-30

Christmas Lights-31

Christmas Lights-32

Christmas Lights-33

Christmas Lights-34

Although, my dream of taking the Navibus will have to wait until next year, I couldn’t have been happier with our wander through town.

Have you gone to see the lights? Which is your favourite?

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