Discover the World of Greenland: Top 5 Arctic Attractions

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With icebergs the size of skyscrapers and a majestic Arctic landscape, Greenland is a must-see for world travelers. However, as the country is associated with nothing but snow and ice by many, the Arctic wonder is often neglected as a unique travel destination. But despite the domineering Ice Sheet taking up more than 80% of the total landmass, Greenland is more than just ice. The world’s largest island holds a large variety of unique Arctic attractions, making Greenland must-see for world travelers.

But what to see and where to go, when visiting the Arctic world? The beautiful Arctic country has something for every taste. Whether you wish to experience the Arctic world from the perspective of a dog sled, or to watch the enormous creatures from underneath the sea exhaling at the water’s surface, the world’s largest island has it all. However, some attractions stand out. Here are the top 5 Arctic attractions of Greenland.

1. Northern Lights: Light up you memories

Greenland has one of the best destinations in the world to watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky. With more than 300 clear nights a year, the airport settlement of Kangerlussuaq is a unique located destination to experience the colourful lights. With a sense of magic the Northern Lights reaches down from space and dances across the dark night sky. This mysterious phenomenon brings even Greenlanders to the street, as the unique and amazing lights is of great interest to everyone from tourists to locals. Watching the Northern Lights is a rare experience that every world traveler should strive to experience.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Greenland

2. Dog Sledding: Feel the Arctic Breeze

Since the ancestors came to Greenland more than 4000 years ago, dog sledding has been the number one mean of transport when going from one place to another. Today, dog sledding has become a sought after attraction, as dog sledding forms the basis of the real Greenlandic experience together with a unique touch of the Inuit Culture of Greenland. There is something about experiencing the Arctic world of Greenland from the perspective of a dog sled. Imagine riding across the inland ice, feeling the arctic breeze, while the dogs work their way through the ice covered landscape. This experience give you nature and culture all at once.

Dog Sledding in Greenland

Dog Sledding in Greenland

3. Whale Watching: Life Underneath the Surface

Underneath the surface of the dark and cold ocean, majestic creatures hide. Even though Greenland pride itself of having only free and wild animals in its waters, many species favor certain fjords. This makes Greenland a unique destination to watch the enormous marine animals. Whether it is the killer whales on hunting sprees or the fast narwhals zipping in between cracks in the sea ice, the magnificent creatures are overwhelming. The boat drivers are local and they know exactly where to go to find the whales. Greenland offers several seal species and walruses as well, making the the world’s largest island a unique place of watching these amazing creatures.

Whale Watching in Greenland

Whale Watching in Greenland

4. Icebergs: The floating sculptures

When mentioning that Greenland holds a lot more than just snow and ice, it is entirely true. However, more than 80% of the country is covered by a white and gleaming surface, which is a fact that no one can deny. The Arctic world of Greenland is an amazing masterpiece build up by icebergs and snow, and this only makes the country coveted by world travelers. When visiting Greenland, the majestic landscapes are something that everyone should experience whether is it from land, from air or from sea. To fly above the Arctic wonder and experience Greenland from the perspective of an airplane provide a new perspective of the enormous size of the country, and the conditions for life in the Arctic.

Greenland from air

Greenland from air

5. Inuit Culture: Meeting with the locals

The Greenlandic word for Greenland is Kalaallit Nunaat, meaning ‘The Land of People’. However, Greenland has a population of no more than 56,483 inhabitants. But the unique Inuit Culture of the Arctic world shines through in every corner of the country. The people of Greenland are the core of your experience through the ice covered world, as this warm, kind, and hospitable people want to help you on your journey. To meet with the locals and the people of the world’s largest island is a unique way of experiencing how it is to live a everyday life in an Arctic world.

Pioneering People of Greenland

Pioneering People of Greenland


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