Packing Light: Two Days in Marrakech, Morocco

Aside from snakes, one of the things I was most concerned about before our recent trip to Marrakech, Morocco was what to pack. Unlike any other trip we’ve been on, I did extensive research into what was and what wasn’t appropriate.

I turned to fellow travelers, fashionistas, Pinterest and other resources, and there was very little consensus. Because Marrakech is a more modern city many of the articles I read said that I would basically wear whatever I wanted: shorts, sundresses, anything goes! However, others argued that dressing conservatively, with shoulders and knees covered, was the best course of action and a sign of respect to the conservative country.

Given that this was our first trip to Morocco, I decided to air on the side of caution and packed conservatively.

Packing Light: Two Days in Marrakech []

We were only going for a couple of days, so I stuffed my pack with skinny jeans, t-shirts, a cardigan and a pashmina. The temperatures were supposed to hover around 20˚C for the whole weekend so I was a bit nervous about overheating, but I figured worst-case scenario, I could always buy something lighter if needed; there’d be no shortage of options in the souk.

Turns out, what I had packed was perfect! The jeans and t-shirts were ideal for exploring the hectic and dusty city, and wandering the crowded medina and the souks. The cardigan and pashmina came in handy at night when the temperatures dipped but also during the day to prevent sunburns.

Packing Light: Two Days in Marrakech []

The pashmina and cardigan not only protected me from sunburns, but I believe they played a large part in the lack of harassment and comments I received while out and about. In addition to reading a lot about what to wear, I read a lot about the harassment that tourists can face while walking the medina. Maybe it’s because I was covered, or because I’m a brunette, or maybe it’s because I wore my sunglasses at all times, but I was fortunate to face no harassment during our time in Marrakech. Either that or I just didn’t realize it.

I chose to dress conservatively for our first trip to Morocco, and I believe that’s one of the reasons our trip went so smoothly. It wasn’t hard to pack clothes that covered my shoulders and knees, I didn’t overheat, and it by no means took away from our holiday. I wouldn’t hesitate to pack the exact same items on a future trip to the North African country.


  • T-shirts: 3 (2 short sleeve; 1 ¾ sleeve)
  • Sweaters: 1
  • Jeans: 1 pair
  • Pashmina: 1
  • Flats: 1
  • Bathing Suit: 1
  • Undergarments: enough for each day

How does your packing list compare?

Packing Light: Two Days in Marrakech []

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