Review: Queen Anne Hotel

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For my stay in Brussels, I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. I needed accommodations for just one night, and given that I was on a whirlwind trip I didn’t plan on using the hotel room for anything other than getting a good nights sleep. Basically, all I was looking for was a good location, and a clean and quiet room, and the Queen Anne Hotel checked all those boxes.


I had trouble finding my way around Brussels. This has nothing to do with the city, just my general lack of direction (I’m so much better when there’s a geographical land marker, like a mountain or a river), so I had trouble finding the hotel at first. Initially, it felt very far from everything, when the reality was I had taken the worst route to get there.

Once I checked in, dropped off my bag, and took some time to explore the area I realised just how amazing it was. Located in the Quartier des Quais, the Queen Anne Hotel was pretty close to everything. Within walking distance was the mall housing the Comic Book Scene Museum (which I mentioned in yesterday’s post), the botanical gardens and numerous restaurants. Notable sights like Grand Place-Grote Markt and Manneken Pis were no more than a 15-minute walk, and it was close to both the metro and bus lines (including the Hop On Hop Off tour route).


My room at the Queen Anne Hotel was cosy, but enough room for one person – especially one person who wasn’t there much at all. Boasting a single bed, table and chair, and a small tv, the room had everything a solo traveller could need.

The room and bathroom were clean, and I couldn’t have felt safer there!

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The room (including taxes) came to €65 ($93CAD) for the one night (booked via Brussels is an expensive city, so I was prepared to pay a little bit more for less. What I wasn’t prepared for was the additional charges in city and tourist taxes. For those prices, I would have expected more than a single bed, but I guess you have to pay for a good location.

Overall I thought the Queen Anne Hotel was a fine hotel, perhaps a bit pricey for what I got. It was a clean, quiet hotel located in a good area of town, and I enjoyed how many amenities and attractions were within a fairly short walk. The staff was friendly and helpful, and as I mentioned above, I felt incredibly safe whilst staying there alone. I would definitely consider staying there again if the prices dropped ever so slightly.


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