Snapshots from Prague


Yesterday, I shared with you some of my favourite attractions in Prague. But there’s more to the Czech capital city than Prague Castle and Charles Bridge (or any others that can be found on TripAdvisors’ top ten list), so today I’m shining a light on a few additional highlights from our whirlwind trip – from delicious foods to hilarious statues.


Czech Food

Clearly, I am starting with the most important thing. I love Czech food. I love the flavours, the colours, and pretty much everything about it. Eating knedlíky and sauerkraut bring back so many fond memories from my first trip to Prague to visit our extended family as well as special occasions where family members would bust out the traditional recipe book.

Czech food is the stuff of my food dreams. So, you can imagine my excitement when I realised I had a full 24 hours to indulge.

And indulge I did.

It was amazing; it was delicious. I only wish I had more time to sample, taste and savour.


Our first stop was for trdelník.

Trdelník is a traditional cake and sweet pastry, which is wrapped around a stick and fired. I enjoyed the savoury version and stuffed with ham and cheese for breakfast. It was amazing, and I would eat one right now if I could.


Next on the food tour of Prague was to savour my favourite: knedlíky.

Knedlíky are traditional Czech dumplings made from potato flour and they are literally the food of my dreams. In Prague, I enjoyed mine stuffed with ham with TWO sides of sauerkraut: red and white. The poor quality of these photos in no way represents the amazing quality of the meal. Again: Food. Of. My. Dreams!

Ugh, so good!



And, last but not least we had to stop for a beer. Because you can’t go to Prague and not drink a beer, or two, or a flight of six samples. #NoRegrets

The Many Statues of Prague

Prague is home to a multitude of statues, many representing various historical periods or events. But, it is also home to many strange statues, including a one of a pregnant woman that allows passersby to climb inside and re-experience what birth is like.

Yes, you read the correctly.

As per the Wandering Wanderluster: Named UnUtero, “the woman has a hollow inside in which members of the public are free to climb inside to experience what it may be like to be “inside a womb”.

Yup, that’s a thing. We didn’t come across that statue during our trip but we did happen upon another equally bizarre statue.

David Černý is a Czech sculptor whose many works can be found throughout Prague (he’s also responsible for the pregnant lady mentioned above). One of his most infamous is “Piss”, a bronze sculpture of two gyrating, mechanical men peeing into a pool shaped like the Czech Republic.

The sculpture is just as hilarious as it sounds, and as you can imagine, quite popular of with tourists of all ages.



But it’s not all shock and awe with the statues of Prague. Throughout the city, you can find many statues that represent key figures or events in the country’s history, for example, the statue below, which is located outside of the Estate Theatre and commemorates the 1787 premiere the opera Don Giovanni, conducted by W.A. Mozart.


Prague is an absolutely stunning city! The food is amazing, the beer is plentiful, and everywhere you look there’s something interesting, historical or hilarious to see.

I can’t wait for my next visit to the Czech capital — here’s hoping I don’t have to wait another 21 years.




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