Petite Adventures Month in Review: May 2016

Petite Adventures Month in Review - May 2016

Happy June, reader-friends!

It’s hard to believe that in just three weeks summer will be officially upon us. The weather here in Madrid has been amazing (save for a few hours of rain this past weekend) and is making me so excited for these next few months of sunshine and adventures. But, before we jump too far ahead, let’s take a look back at the month of May.

May was relatively quiet in terms of travel. Our only trip this month was at the very beginning where we spent a long weekend exploring Taormina and Catania on the island of Sicily. Other than the day we arrived, our entire time in Taormina was covered in clouds and sprinkled with rain; not exactly what I was hoping for, but it could have been worse. We ate amazing food, had a great time exploring (except for the terrifying journey we took to Castelmola, where I literally shielded my eyes and counted down the moments until the trip was over–but more on that soon) and climbed more steps than I can count.

Of course, after four days of exploring in the rain, we both arrived back in Madrid plagued with colds. Not the best way to end a trip, but given the conditions, it was hard to avoid.

We slowly got back into the swing of things here in Madrid, and after a week of rest, relaxation, and wondering how many sneezes is too many, my parents arrived in Madrid for a visit. Not only was it great to see them, but it was fun to show them around Madrid, and have them experience a bit of our life as expats.


This month also marked the beginning of what will be a long, drawn-out goodbye to the city. Although we aren’t leaving until the end of July, we’ve started to very slowly pack up our lives. Last week we cancelled our gym membership and sent two suitcases of clothes home with my parents, and today’s the day we give notice on our apartment. We still have eight weeks left in Madrid, but I can only imagine this time is going to fly by.


Places Visited

  • Catania, Italy
  • Taormina, Italy

Distance Travelled: 3392.5 km

Travel in Review-May 2016

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Catania, Sicily, Italy [] Mount Etna, Italy [] Roman Theatre, Catania, Italy []

L to R: Piazza del Duomo, Catania, Italy; Mount Etna en route to Catania; Roman Theatre Ruins, Catania, Italy

What I Read

May was also a slow month for reading.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Millennium Series #4)

I was in the midst of reading ProBlogger when I got the library notification that The Girl in the Spider’s Web was ready for me. Sort of the fourth book in the Millennium Trilogy, The Girl in the Spider’s Web wasn’t written by Stieg Larsson, but by another Swedish crime writer, David Lagercrantz. I was really excited but hesitant to start this book. I’d really enjoyed the first three and was worried that a new author just wouldn’t do the series or the characters justice, but after a couple of chapters, I was completely hooked and am happy to say I ended up really enjoying the story.

Finger’s crossed David Lagercrantz can continue the series!


Modern Romance is comedian Aziz Ansari’s look into love and dating in the digital age. It’s a really interesting, but dense read. Although I’m enjoying it, I find I can’t read too many pages before my eyelids get heavy.


What’s Next?

After a relatively quiet travel month, we’re back on the road with a couple of trips in June. First, we’re headed for a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it visit to Leeds. Seriously we’ll be there for less than 48 hours, but it will mark my first time setting foot in the UK.

Just over a week after we get back we’ll be in the air again and on our way Brussels. Over six days we’ll be exploring Bruges and Ghent before making our way into the Netherlands to experience Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The Netherlands has been high on Dave’s travel bucket list for a while, so I’m glad we’re able to cross that one off the list.

It’s an exciting month, but one I’m sure will end up flying by.

Tell me, what does June have in store for you?


Petite Adventures Month in Review - May 2016

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8 thoughts on “Petite Adventures Month in Review: May 2016

    • Kate says:

      This is definitely the most I’ve ever traveled, and am loving it! I know I’ll have to cut back once the year is over, but am already scheme how to make the most of being a part-time traveler 🙂 I would highly recommend the mid-career gap year xo Kate


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