Cruising in Copenhagen

Cruising in Copenhagen []

We arrived in Copenhagen by train (which you can read about here). It was mid-afternoon; the sky was clouded over but the humidity was high. It was quite the adjustment to the air conditioned cabin we’d been sitting in for the last five hours.

We made our way along the platform and up a set of rickety metal stairs to find ourselves face to face with Tivoli Gardens. As far as landmarkers go, the famous amusement park was a pretty good one. As always, we set out on foot in the direction of our hotel.

The route was straight forward, literally. We simply had to walk down one street and then make a left. And yet somehow we managed to veer off course. Maybe it was all the construction, or just that we were so taking by the surrounding, but then next thing we knew we were standing at the beginning of Nyhavn, Denmark’s picturesque new harbour (and most famous tourist spot). We snapped a couple of photos and made our way down the street to the hotel.

After checking in we wasted no time. We hadn’t eaten since before the train ride (save for a small bag of mixed nuts) and we were both on the verge of hangry (which is always great when you’re trying to find your way in a new city). There was only one cure, and that was making a trip to the all you can eat herring buffet. Yes, it was a bit of an odd choice, but we’d spent the last few trips on the hunt for the best herring in Europe, so this was clearly not a time to stop.

From the buffet to a boat: we decided to spend our evening taking a canal and harbour tour of the city and it proved to be the best introduction to the Danish capital. For over an hour we cruise around the harbour, passed famous statues and buildings, all while learning the history of the city.

The following day, we packed our backs and set back out into the city, this time to explore on foot. We joined the free walking tour which took us throughout the city, from Nyhavn to the palace, from the old wooden houses to the marble church. The walking tour perfectly complimented the boat tour, filling in the gaps with stories, legends and more.

Before we knew it, our time in Copenhagen had come to an end. It was time to head back to the airport, and back to reality.

Copenhagen is a stunning city, there’s no doubt about that. It’s quirky and vibrant with a rich and interesting history. Although we only had a few hours, we so enjoyed our time and can’t wait for our next opportunity to explore the city and more of Denmark.

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Cruising in Copenhagen []

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