First Impressions of Leeds

We’ve been in Leeds for just over a week now and I’m quite happy to say that not only are we surviving, but we’re thriving!

Okay, that might be a bit of an overstatement. But, compared to this period last year when we were settling into Spain, I’d say we’re doing a great job of navigating and settling in our new hometown.

It’s been quite the week, and a lot has happened, and I’m happy to say that Leeds has made a great first impression on us in so many ways. 

The People

The people in Leeds have been amazing! Almost everyone we’ve met has been so friendly and welcoming. When in a pub or restaurants, upon hearing our Canadian accents we are almost always asked whether or not we’re travelling, and when we say we’ve just moved we’re met with a hearty handshake and an introduction. It’s wonderful.

Additionally, everyone has been so helpful answering all of our basic and often stupid questions, and doing so without an eye roll or any judgement. It’s been really great and has made the process of getting settled so much easier!

The Food

English food gets somewhat of a bad rep, but I have to admit, we haven’t had a bad meal since we arrived! Now, we haven’t been eating the most traditional fare, but even the meat pie and mushy peas I had on Friday were good!

The Sights

Leeds is a quaint city, but one that is full of so much charm! I absolutely adore wandering the streets, walking along the canals and admiring all of the brick buildings and houses.

The Weather

Again, the weather in England gets a bad rep, but I’d estimate we’ve had more blue skies than grey since we arrived. There have been bouts of rain, but overall, it’s been really nice! Now, we have been told by many people not to get used to it, but so far, the weather doesn’t seem all that bad to me.

Overall, it’s been a fantastic first week in Leeds and I’ve really enjoyed each and every day — even those when I haven’t slept at al the night before, which is saying a lot! I have a feeling this is the beginning of a wonderful few months in West Yorkshire!

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