Leeds Light Night

Leeds Light Night 2016 [petiteadventures.org]

Last week, the centre of Leeds was aglow for the annual Leeds Light Night celebrations. Over two nights, hundreds of people flooded the streets to see the more than 50 installations, illuminations and performances taking place across the city.

And we were with them.

Friday evening, we braved the misty rains and explored Leeds to see the waterfalls projected on and giant dandelions erected at famous city landmarks. From the Corn Exchange to Millennium Square and beyond we roamed the streets looking for the best and brightest lights we could find.

Leeds Light Night 2016 [petiteadventures.org]

Leeds Light Night 2016 [petiteadventures.org]

Around every turn there was something new, from fireballs to a group of futuristic (robot?) drummers, ice sculptures and a giant phoenix, no two installations were even remotely the same. We tried to see as much as we could before the rain and wind forced us inside – it’s only been a few weeks, we’re just not used to this Leeds weather yet.

Leeds Light Night 2016 [petiteadventures.org]

Leeds Light Night is a very interesting concept, showcasing the relationship between a city and art, and letting citizens interact with both of them. While I would have preferred it if more of the installations and projections were outside and on buildings, as opposed to inside, it was an interesting evening none-the-less–and one I won’t soon forget.

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