It’s that time of year! The lights have been strung, the trees are up, Mariah Carey is playing on repeat, and the smell of gingerbread is in the air. It’s official: the holidays are here!

The holidays have completely snuck up on me this year. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were turning the clocks back and now, here we are with just a few weeks to go.

There’s a lot to see, do, eat and experience at this time of year in Stockholm. With just three weeks left, here’s how I plan to make the most of this magical season. 

Feeling Festive: My 2017 Holiday Bucket List []

Twinkle Lights

Last weekend was the official switch on of Stockholm’s Christmas Lights. More than 40 streets and squares have been decorated with lights, decked with holly and transformed into a winter wonderland.

While I opted to forgo the official lighting, I did take a trip downtown last weekend to get into the Christmas spirit. I really enjoyed walking around and taking in the displays. And, I look forward to spending a few more nights this month basking in their twinkly glow.


It has been ages since I’ve been skating, but the addition of little rinks throughout the city has me eager to lace up my (rental) skates and go for a spin. A few laps under twinkle lights followed by a hot chocolate in front of a fire sounds like a pretty perfect night to me.

Feeling Festive: My 2017 Holiday Bucket List []
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia by Holger.Ellgaard

Christmas Markets

I’ve shared my love for Christmas Markets many times on this blog (examples here, here and, here), so you can imagine how excited I am to be living in a city that hosts multiple markets!

So many markets, so many snacks, so much festive, so much fun!

While I doubt I’ll make it to all of them this year (there’s just never enough time!), I am very excited to visit two in particular: Gamla Stan and Drottningholm.

Located in the centre of old town, the market in Gamla Stan is the oldest in Stockholm. It’s made up of more 40 stalls selling gifts, crafts, drinks, and more. The market is famous for its traditional fares, such as smoked reindeer and elk meat, which I look forward to sampling during my visit.

Drottningholm is the official residence of the Swedish Royal Family. For one weekend each year, the palace’s courtyard is transformed into a magical Christmas market. Smaller than some of the city’s other markets, this one focuses on traditional Swedish Christmas gifts, crafts, delights and delicacies. Sweden has some very unique and specific Christmas traditions, so I’m keen to see what this market has on offer!

Food & Drink

One of my favourite things about the holidays is the food! I mean, who doesn’t love a holiday where the main activity is eating?! I’m really excited to try some of Sweden’s traditional Christmas fares this year; from the above mentioned smoked reindeer to Janssons frestelse (a warm scalloped potato casserole with anchovies). I can’t wait to sip and sample my way through a traditional Swedish Christmas.

What’s on your holiday bucket list this year?

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Feeling Festive: My 2017 Holiday Bucket List []

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  1. I can hardly wait. Maybe we could go ice skating one evening too. Looking forward to some of these traditional Swedish dishes.

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