Satisfying Wanderlust: My Favourite Writers & Bloggers

Satisfying Wanderlust: My Favourite Travel Writers and Bloggers []

For several years now, I’ve been suffered from a pretty intense case of wanderlust. Many hours and afternoons have been lost to daydreaming of far off places, browsing Skyscanner for flights and using Rome2Rio to plan out journies I most likely won’t be taking anytime soon.

Most of the time, this is enough to satisfy my wanderlust when I can’t actually get out and travel. But then there are those other times when daydreaming and making lists just isn’t enough (seriously, who would have ever thought I’d say making a list wasn’t enough?!).

It’s on those days that I turn to a few trusted sources, a few beloved authors and bloggers who let me experience a new city or country and let me (virtually) tag along on their journeys and adventures.

So, in honour of Valentines Day, I thought I would share the love by shining a light on a few of the travel writers and bloggers who inspire me to dream big, travel far and to write it all down.

Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson is my all-time favourite travel writer. I’ve read several of his books and have loved every single one of them. His witty and entertaining tales have transported me from the Yorkshire Dales and throughout Europe over the years, inspiring me to explore locales both near and far (it’s also thanks to Bryson that Dave and I have picked up the oh-so-exciting hobby of walking, seriously).

But, I turn to Bryson for more than just travel inspiration. I love reading his books because they inspire me to be a better writer and they remind me that there is room for storytelling and random (unperfect) travel tales in a sea of guides and listicles.

You can learn more about Bill Bryson and sample his works here:

Don George

You can’t talk about travel writers without mentioning Don George. Don George has been wandering and writing for more than 40 years; he’s an icon in the industry and has been inspiring writers–and now bloggers–decades.

Geroge’s insightful and inspiring stories have transported me through countless countries on six continents. He’s explored cities and countries and been on adventures that are beyond my wildest dreams (and sometimes far outside of my comfort zone), but I’ve adored having the chance to be a fly on the wall and live vicariously through his works.

You can learn more about Don George and read his works here:

Spud Hilton

I was only introduced to Spud Hilton last year, but upon hearing his talk at TBEX in Stockholm, I was hooked. Hilton is the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Travel section, as well as the founding editor of the Bad Latitude travel blog, and has been a defining voice in the travel writing industry for more than two decades. His pieces are the perfect combination of interesting and inspirational; after reading them I’m always left wanting more, and can often be found reaching for my notebook so as not to forget the outstanding places he describes.

You can learn more about Spud Hilton, or read his works here:

Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate is a former full-time traveller who visited more than 60 countries before slowing down and settling into life NYC (she still travels and goes on marvellous adventures, it’s just not full-time). For years, Kate has been sharing her stories and inspiring women, like me, to travel.

Adventurous Kate is a site full of brilliant advice, intriguing tales, and inspiring adventures. She writes fullsome, multidimensional pieces that give readers an honest look at a place or situation, and I find her site so refreshing and could easily spend hours browsing her pieces (and have in the past).

Check out Adventurous Kate here:

This Battered Suitcase

This Battered Suitcase is written by Brenna, a Canadian who now calls London home. She’s travelled far and wide over the last ten years, visiting and writing about nearly 90 countries.

But Brenna’s site is about more than the where and how of travel. She writes beautiful long-form posts about her life and experiences, and her descriptions of places and situations are so rich that they transport you to another world; she paints the pictures so well that you can’t help but feel like you’re right there with her.

You can read Brenna’s work by visiting

This FP Planet

This FP Planet is written by Michaela, a delightful Brit who recently relocated from London to Manchester. I love reading Michaela’s blog because she isn’t a full-time traveller. Michaela manages to travel regularly, taking city breaks and exploring the different corners of Europe, all while holding down a traditional 9-to-5 job. For me, this is the definition of having it all, and Michaela reminds me that it is possible.

Read This FP Planet by visiting

Young Adventuress

Young Adventuress is one of the first travel blogs I discovered and started reading regularly and the first that inspired me to start this ol’blog. Before coming across Liz’s site I had no clue that travel blogging could be more than just a hobby.

For years I’ve been turning to Liz’s site for her brutally honest and thorough reviews. It’s thanks to her that I’ve been introduced to new places and new experiences (like riding on an Icebreaker ship in Kemi, Finland–seriously wanderlusting about that one!) that I can’t wait to one day experience myself.

Check out Young Adventuress blog here:

I’ve told you mine, now you tell me yours: What authors and bloggers inspire your wanderlust and travels?

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Satisfying Wanderlust: My Favourite Travel Writers and Bloggers []

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