My Summer Bucket List

Summer is well and truly upon us here in Leeds, and I, for one, could not be more excited! After what feels like months of cloud coverage, rainy and grey days, I’m very eager to get out and enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. While I’m overall excited for the season, there are five things, in particular, I’m looking forward to this summer.

Rooftop Patios

After a long, hard week of work, is there anything better than spending a Saturday afternoon enjoying the sunshine on a rooftop patio? I think not! Thankfully, in Leeds, there are a lot to choose from, so over the next few weeks, I hope to make the rounds and test ’em all!

City Breaks

A busy work schedule (me) and a slew of assignments (Dave) means that we won’t have the chance to do too much out of town travel, but we do have two city breaks in the books to look forward to.

First up, we’re off to London. Well, actually, Dave and his colleagues are off to London for an important meeting and I kinda-sorta invited myself along. While they’re off learning, presenting and adulting, I’ll be riding the hop on hop off bus and trying to cram in as much London as possible.

Just over a month later, we’ll be hopping on a plane and travelling to the small town of Molenhoek, Netherlands to visit friends. Although the trip will be short, it will be jam packed with good friends, great food and, of course, a bike ride or two.

Picnic in the Park

Roundhay Park is one of the largest parks in Europe and we haven’t spent nearly enough time there. I hope that (at least) once this summer, we can spend a day sitting in the grass and soaking up the sun.

Visit the Dales

This has been at the top of our list for a very long time, but for some reason or another, we have yet to make it out to the Yorkshire Dales. Well, we are out of excuses and this summer will be the season that we hop on that train and spend a day roaming the moors and experiencing the famous Yorkshire Dales.

Relaxing & Spending time with friends

Because isn’t that what summer is really all about!

Tell me, what’s on your summer bucket list?

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