Oslo, Norway is a stunning and surprising city.

Home to a population of more than 670,000 people, Oslo is the smallest of the Scandinavian capitals. But, despite its relatively compact size, Oslo is a city that packs a big punch. With more than 50 museums, a  bustling food scene, and an access to nature that is unrivalled by any other capital, there is so much to discover in this Norwegian city.

Here are the top five reasons I think you should plan a visit to Oslo, Norway.

The Food

Oslo is home to a hotbed of fantastic restaurants offering all kinds of fares, from reindeer and traditional Norwegian to new-age fusion and vegan. No matter your palette or craving, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for in Oslo.

Access to Nature

Regardless of where you are in the city, you’ve never very far from nature. Travel 30 minutes to the north and find yourself on the doorstep of Vinterpark, Norway’s largest ski resort. Travel 20 minutes to the south and find yourself at the beginning of the impressive and breathtaking Oslofjord. It’s Oslo’s proximity to and appreciation for nature that makes it such a relaxing and interesting city to visit.

The Petite Adventures Guide to Two Days in Oslo

Old Meets New

Oslo is a city where new and old coexist and compliment each other. Akershus Fortress is a medieval castle which dates back to 1290. It is one of Oslo’s original sites and it just so happens to sit next to one of the cities newest icons, the Opera House. Although these two buildings couldn’t be any more different, they work together, defining Oslo’s unique character.

Art & Culture

Oslo is home to more than 50 museums. From fine art and history to Vikings and sports, there’s practically a museum for everything in the Norwegian capital. Learn more about the city’s rich history, its cultural icons and its relationship nature and the sea by taking a stroll through one its many museums.

Easy to Explore

Oslo is a relatively compact city, making it the perfect destination to explore on foot. Simply pick a direction, start walking and taking in all of the sights, sounds and smells of stunning and surprising Oslo.

The Petite Adventures Guide to Two Days in Oslo

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