Petite Adventures on Collecting Labels

Are you looking for fashion advice for your next travel adventure?

Well, you’re in luck! In addition to writing Petite Adventures, each month I share my favourite travel tips, tricks and packing lists over on Collecting Labels.

Collecting Labels is a website dedicated to the globetrotting fashionista. It’s for those that feel that inexplicable desire to explore the world and want to look good doing it. It’s home to great packing lists, shopping guides and a myriad of other articles that will help you explore the world in comfort and style.

Check out some of my favourite Collecting Labels posts from 2017:

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Expectations vs. Reality: Madrid, Spain

When embarking on a new adventure it’s hard not to have expectations for what life will be like. We all do it – whether it’s starting a new job, heading off on a trip, or moving to a new country or city – we fantasize and daydream about the way our days will look, how we’ll spend our time and just how absolutely amazing everything will be.

Before I moved to Spain, I spent days – really, weeks – daydreaming about my time abroad. I would dream about the glorious sunshine I would bask in, the delicious coffee I would relax with each morning, and the flawless Spanish I would speak with ease.

But, what we expect and assume usually isn’t what ends up happening.

Before moving to Spain, I had a lot of expectations and assumptions about how life would be in Madrid, but almost none of them came true. My reality in Spain was very different than the one I had imagined; in some ways, it was harder and in others, it was so much better than I could have ever hoped. Here are some of the expectations I had before moving to Madrid, Spain, and the realities that I experienced while living there. Continue reading “Expectations vs. Reality: Madrid, Spain”

Petite Adventures Reader Survey

Over the last few months, I’ve thought a lot about Petite Adventures. I’ve thought a lot about what’s been working and what hasn’t, and I’ve spent a lot of time working out just exactly I want this space to be.

But, what I want is only part of the equation. Making sure *you* like and enjoy the posts that I write is just as, if not more, important.

So, here’s your chance to have your say!

By taking the very short, very fast, very easy (seriously, it shouldn’t take more than four minutes) survey below, you can help guide and influence the posts and stories you see and read here on Petite Adventures. This is your chance to let me know what you like, what you don’t, and what you’d like to see more of.

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