A Day in Liverpool

Petite Adventures' Guide to Liverpool, United Kingdom [petiteadventures.org]

There are some destinations we dream about for years. We read about them; plan for future trips, many of which go untaken; we save for them; and, when the time finally comes, we feel as though we’ve accomplished some big life goal.

We’ve finally done it!

And then there are some destinations we visit simply because the price was just too good to pass up. This is how I ended up spending a day in Liverpool.

The price was right.

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A Day in Marsden

A Day in Marsden, UK [petiteadventures.org]

Earlier this year, Dave and I were going through a bit of a phase. We were looking for excuses to get out of the house and explore more of Yorkshire, so we decided to take up walking.

Yes, walking.

For most, walking is just an everyday activity done to get you from one place to the next, but here, it’s a whole other story. You see in England, walking is a serious pastime, and for a few weeks this past winter we got really into it. Like, looking up different routes and frequenting walking guide websites, into it.

Yes, it’s just as nerdy as it sounds, but before you click away, let me just say that it was also really quite enjoyable.

Every week, we’d do a little bit of research and decide on our walk for that weekend: nothing too strenuous, but enough to feel like we’d gotten a workout; this is how we ended up spending a chilly, but wonderful day in Marsden.  Continue reading “A Day in Marsden”

Petite Adventures Month in Review: May 2017

For months, I looked forward to our vacation in Croatia. It would be our reward for hard work, long hours, and for surviving our first British winter. For weeks I longed for it, planned for it and dreamed about it, and now, here we are, already a week into June and almost two weeks since we returned. Can someone please tell me, where has the time gone?!

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A Yorkshire to Canadian Dictionary

A Yorkshire to Canadian English Dictionary [petiteadventures.org]

There are many things that link Canada and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, language isn’t one of them.

I know what you’re thinking: But Kate, both countries have English as an official language! And you’re right.

Except you couldn’t be more wrong.

Although the two countries share a language, there are more differences than there are similarities, especially here in Yorkshire. Over the past few months, I’ve picked up quite a few keys words and phrases that have helped me fit in with the locals.

Here’s my intro to a Yorkshire–Canadian dictionary:

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