Petite Adventures Month in Review: January 2017

For many, January is a month to hunker down and practice the Danish art of hygge, letting the cold, dark winter weather swirl around outside the windows.

But not for this Petite Adventurer, at least not this year!

While in past years, I’ve been known to spend more time inside than out during the winter, I’ve decided that 2017 will be different! This will be the year I get up and out, no matter the weather. And I’m happy to say that the first month of 2017 was filled with a few adventures, both big and small, despite some colder temperatures!

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My Three Favourite Things About Bar Harbor, Maine

My Three Favourite Things About Bar Harbor, Maine []

We had no plans to go to Bar Harbor, Maine, following our time in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. We had no plans whatsoever to even leave Canada. Our plan was to go from St. Andrews and continue on to Shediac (home of the world’s largest lobster) before turning around and heading home. We had reservations, maps and plans, and then at the last moment we threw caution to the wind and headed south to Maine.

And it was the best decision ever.
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St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada


In the summer of 2014, less than 24 hours (I think it may have been closer to 12) after getting back from a work trip that took him to Copenhagen, Dave was up at the crack of dawn and ready to drive us to attend my friend’s wedding in St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick.

The trip took us more than 10 hours from Ottawa. Through two provinces he drove us through farmlands, small towns, metropolitan areas like Montreal, and past countless acres of trees (so. many. trees). While it was beautiful, it was a lot of time to spend in the car. Thankfully we brought snacks, and as passenger I took my job of providing entertainment very seriously (Dave may or may not have enjoyed my singing and non-stop nattering). Continue reading “St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada”