Scaredy Kate Returns: Letting My Fear Get The Better of Me In Edinburgh

I hate being afraid of heights.

It ridiculously embarrassing because usually, my fear strikes out of nowhere. We’ll be out and about, walking along, when suddenly BOOM my brain decides that the road ahead is a danger and I just stop.

That’s right I stop, or, as in one really embarrassing recent case, I sit down. It doesn’t matter how many people, children, dogs or badgers are walking along the exact. same. path. ahead of me, my brain just won’t let me carry on and my feet stay firmly planted on the ground.

It’s embarrassing and, honestly, really disappointing.

In the past few years, my fear of heights has forced me to miss out on a few pretty great experiences and views, including recently, when my fear demon denied me the chance to climb Arthur’s Seat and take in the panoramic views of the stunning, gothic city of Edinburgh.

Let me tell you all about it. Continue reading “Scaredy Kate Returns: Letting My Fear Get The Better of Me In Edinburgh”

Taking the Train from Edinburgh

Taking the Train from Edinburgh, Scotland []

It’s really no secret that train travel is one of my favourite ways to experience Europe.

Trains give you the opportunity to take in the scenery as you zip along; trains let you peek into towns, villages and communities that you would have otherwise missed; and trains let you sit back comfortably while watching the world fly by.

Over the last 19 months, we had the opportunity to experience so many different parts of Europe by rail, and I’ve shared my love of these journies more than a few times (most recently here), but none have been as impressive as our recent trip to Edinburgh. Continue reading “Taking the Train from Edinburgh”

Petite Adventures Month in Review: February 2017

Petite Adventures Month in Review February 2017 []

SERIOUSLY?! How is it March?

I feel like just yesterday we were ringing in the New Year and in the blink of an eye we’re already a week into March. Not to sound too clichéd, but 2017 is just flying by!

But before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s take a look back at February. Continue reading “Petite Adventures Month in Review: February 2017”

Wanderlusting: My Top Five City Break Destinations for 2017

Wanderlusting: Top Five City Break Destinations in Europe []

City breaks are one of my favourite ways to travel. There’s nothing quite as exciting as jetting off for a weekend to explore a new (or favourite) city.

These shorter holidays give you just enough time to immerse yourself in a new city, see the sights, meet the people, and, most importantly, eat ALL the food, without having to take too much time off (save those holidays for another adventure!).

For me, they are perfect.

While I’m currently wanderlusting over *everywhere* I figured for the sake of brevity, today, I’d share the top five places I hope to take my next city break.  Continue reading “Wanderlusting: My Top Five City Break Destinations for 2017”