My Travel Bucket List: the United Kingdom + Ireland

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Until we moved to Leeds, I hadn’t spent any time in the UK (save for that 1.5 whirlwind trip in June, which I don’t really count), so I hope to make the most of our new home base and explore, explore, EXPLORE!

I could honestly write a novel about all of the things I hope we accomplish in these next few months, but, I won’t. In order to save you from spending years scrolling through a list, I’ve narrowed it down. You’re welcome.

Here are the top ten things I’d like to see, do, eat and explore in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland.

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#Take12Trips: My Travel Plans (Dreams) for 2016


As I mentioned in My Goals for 2016 post, I hope to visit 10 new countries in 2016. In addition to the international travel, I hope to explore more of Spain in the coming months. So, when I came across #Take12Trips Challenge and it seemed like the perfect fit.

The #Take12Trips Challenge inspires travellers to make a commitment, to get out once a month and explore—whether it’s a day-trip or a month long jaunt.

As I recovered from our trip North, I decided to do some plotting and planning, and did one of my favourite things: I made a list of all the places I would like to visit in 2016. Continue reading “#Take12Trips: My Travel Plans (Dreams) for 2016”