Feeling Homesick? That’s Okay.

Feeling homesick? That's okay [petiteadentures.org]

Feeling homesick is a funny thing.

When I was young and felt homesick it was because I was missing certain creature comforts: I just wanted to sleep in my own bed, play with my own toys and books, and pet the dog.

Now that I live abroad, homesickness has taken on a new form. I no longer miss material things like a bed or a stack of books, because I have all of those things with me, but instead, I miss people. I miss being close to my family and going out for Vietnamese food with good friends; I miss bumping into old colleagues on the street, and of course, I miss petting the dog (as much as things change, some things always stay the same).

For me, at this stage, homesickness doesn’t strike after a few days in a new place, but instead on days when I miss a family gathering or when I have to RSVP no to a friend’s wedding. It’s on those special occasions that homesickness rears its head and makes me feel a little down.

Thankfully, we live in a day and age where being far away doesn’t mean we have to feel far away, and thanks to companies like KeepCalling.com, it’s not only easy but incredibly cheap to stay in touch with all those I love and miss back home.

Feeling homesick? That's okay [petiteadentures.org]

International Homesickness Day & Giveaway

In 2016, KeepCalling.com spearheaded the launch of International Homesickness Day, a day to remind expats that it’s okay to feel homesick and to encourage them to stay in touch with their loved ones back home while they are living and travelling abroad.

Today, September 27th, to celebrate International Homesickness Day, KeepCalling.com is offering 20% OFF all international calls. Simply sign-up with KeepCalling.com, buy voice credits and start calling. It’s just that easy!

But wait, there’s more!

Starting today, KeepCalling.com is hosting a Facebook contest that will be giving away three $10 coupon credits, that’s an estimated value of 1,428 minutes for calls made to Canadian landlines. Visit the Keepcalling.com Facebook community page for expats for more details and to enter!

Today, and every day, say goodbye to homesickness with the help of KeepCalling.com.

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Feeling homesick? That's okay [petiteadentures.org]

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