I kicked off January and 2018 with enthusiasm, excitement and brimming with ideas. 2018 was going to be my year!

And it was, for about a week or so.

For those first few days after the holiday I worked hard, I woke up early to write, I pitched for projects, and then, almost as fast as I started, my energy waned. From mid-month onwards, after working on my freelance writing and graphic design projects, I just didn’t have the motivation to write for this blog.

Maybe it was post-holiday exhaustion or the January blues; whatever it was, it zapped my energy. Instead of spending my free time pursuing my goals, I instead spent it knitting – a highly enjoyable activity, but not the most productive.

As the month comes to a close, I’m starting to find my energy again and I’m ready to tackle the rest of 2018 with as much enthusiasm and excitement as it started.

Places Visited

Stockholm, Sweden

Distance Travelled: 0km

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Vigelandsparken, Oslo, Norway - Month in Review: January 2018 [petiteadventures.org] Top 9 2017 - Month in Review: January 2018 [petiteadventures.org] Vigelandsparken, Oslo, Norway - Month in Review: January 2018 [petiteadventures.org]

From left to right: Vigelandsparken, Oslo, Norway; My Top 9 from 2017; Vigelandsparken, Oslo, Norway.

What I Read


The fifth book in the Wallander series finds Inspector Kurt Wallander investigating a series of gruesome murders taking place throughout Skåne. Of the Wallander books I’ve read, this one was the best, and I’m looking forward to continuing the series this year.

Pick up a copy of Sidetracked at Amazon or Chapters/Indigo.


For 2018, I thought I’d add a new section to my month in review post focusing on my goals for 2018 and how I’m doing with them so far. This section is mostly something I’m doing to keep myself accountable but thought I’d take you along for the ride.

Goals-January-2018 [petiteadventures.org]


  • Knitting: I originally took up knitting as something to do while watching TV in the evenings, but it turned out to be a great activity and distractor when I didn’t feel like writing. Because of this, I was able to knit not one but two complete scarves and start on a third.
  • Curling: When Dave and I joined the curling club in November we bought enough tokens for us each to attend 10 nights. My goal for this year was to simply use the rest of my tokens and I made a pretty good dent in that goal this month.


  • Yoga: I had good intentions this month, but when a couple of last-minute projects were thrown into my lap, I chose to sacrifice yoga for a couple of additional hours to work. I regret nothing and look forward to making up those missed classes in the next few weeks.
  • Read: After finishing the fifth Wallander book, I didn’t have much success in the reading department. A couple of books I’d been waiting on from the library came available, but I just couldn’t get into them. So, instead of forcing myself, I decided to wait it out until something I enjoyed came along.

Room for Improvement

  • Writing: As I mentioned in the intro, I just didn’t have the energy to write beyond my freelance commitments, so I fell a little short in that department.

What’s Next?

After a few quiet months, I’m looking forward to taking not one but two trips in February!

First up is Vilnius. Lithuania has been on my travel bucket list since we moved abroad and I’m so excited that it’s the destination for our first city break of 2018. I’m really looking forward to spending three days eating, drinking and exploring the Lithuanian capital.

After just two weeks at home, we’ll be off again and on our way back to Portugal where we’ll spend a week soaking up the sun and exploring Faro while visiting with my parents. Sunshine, heat and family: this trip has all the makings of a great week!

That’s it for me.

Tell me, what do you have planned for February?


Month in Review: January 2018 [petiteadventures.org]

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