My Favourite Foods from the German Christmas Market


As I mentioned in my Hamburg Travel Diary, my attraction to German Christmas Markets is the food, the drinks and the lights. And while in Hamburg, we ate some truly amazing food, and sipped some mind-blowingly good bevvys.

Even though it’s crazy hot here in Madrid (at least crazy hot by this Canadian’s December standards), I’ve still been keen to make a few of these typical Christmastime meals. So, here are a few of the foods we tried, and a few of the recipes I’ll be trying out in the next couple of weeks (p.s., sorry for the iPhotography — we were too mesmerized by the food and forgot to capture shots with the good camera!)



Oxen Goulash: We were on our way through the market to another food stand when we were stopped dead in our tracks because this goulash smelled absolutely amazing! And, to our stomach’s delight, it tasted even better than it smelled. I wasn’t able to find a traditional German recipe, but this Hungarian goulash recipe looks pretty good!



Sauerkraut with pork belly: As soon as I saw this cooking in one of the stalls, I knew I had to eat it. A very traditional meal throughout much of Europe, this dish brought back warm memories of visiting the Czech Republic, and special occasions with my Czech grandparents. It was delightful. As soon as I can get my hands on the ingredients, I’ll be giving this recipe from GoodCookBecky a go.



Mulled wine: Or, Glühwein as it’s called in Germany, is a traditional holiday beverage found in many countries. It’s delicious, and I think it will de the perfect beverage to serve this Christmas. Recipe via Tidy Mom.


Hot Chocolate with Baileys: This ol’favourite needs no recipe, but I thought I would give it a mention just because it is so tasty!



Apple cider: I love apple cider. Spiked or not, it’s a beverage which makes me so happy, which is probably why I sampled it at several different Christmas Markets in Hamburg. All were slightly different, but all were warm, delicious, and amazing. Once the weather gets even a little bit colder, I’ll be whipping up a batch of this delicious drink.

And, to close out the post, here is photo of me enjoying my delicious mulled wine in Hamburg.


Interested in other recipes from the German Christmas Market? Check out my pinterest board.

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