Petite Adventures Month in Review: July 2016

Month in Review: July 2016 []

Oh July: What a month you were.

Most of the month was dedicated to packing, cleaning and getting ourselves sorted to move out of Madrid, which was incredibly hard as the temperatures seemed to rise each and every day throughout the month. Although we’re not strangers to 40C weather, Dave and I both agreed we’d never encountered heat the way we had in Madrid.

It was so hot. Too hot. All. The. Time.

This made it pretty hard to be productive, so we spent a good deal of our time drinking water, seeking out air conditioning, and counting down the days until we’d be in Stockholm, basking in it’s temperate weather.

Seriously, at times I was more excited for the colder weather than I was to explore Scandinavia. That’s how hot it was in Madrid.

Our time in Stockholm was wonderful. I spent my days at TBEX, where I learned about new products, tips and techniques, and met so many wonderful and inspiring bloggers; and then in the evenings we’d be out exploring the city. It was a great balance, and I can’t really begin to explain how nice it was to revisit a favourite city.

Month in Review: July 2016 []

After three days in Sweden, we hopped on the train and made our way to Copenhagen where we spent the next 36 hours walking the streets, admiring the colourful houses and buildings, and sampling the local delicacies: herring. It definitely wasn’t enough time, but we did our best to fit in as much as we could.

Month in Review: July 2016 []

We returned to Madrid and it was time to really get to work. We had just three days left in our apartment, so we battled the heat, made trips to Humana (clothing donation), and crammed everything we could into our one suitcase.

After a two minute inspection, we handed over the keys and just like that, our Madrid adventure was over.

Places Visited

  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Toronto, Canada

Distance Travelled: 11,255.75 km

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L to R: Bruges, Belgium; Ghent, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Stockholm, Sweden.

What I Read

July was a fun month for reading. After a couple of months filled with books on bettering myself, my blog, my life, etc., I decided to focus on reading fun, lighthearted books in July.

China Rich Girlfriend

China Rich Girlfriend is the sequel to the incredibly popular Crazy Rich Asians, a novel that gives us a peek into the lives of three super-rich, pedigreed Chinese families. China Rich Girlfriend picks up where the last novel left off, and immediately you’re thrown back into the world of backstabbing, gossiping, and competition that these crazy rich families face.

These novels are campy, ostentatious, but a lot of fun to read. It was a great novel to kick off the summer with.

No Way to Kill a Lady: A Blackbird Sisters Mystery #8

I started reading the Blackbird Sisters Mystery series waaaaay back in 2004 when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. These fun, lighthearted mysteries won me over and I always looked forward to when a new book would be released; that is until the series ended in 2008.

Or so I thought.

Earlier this month, while browsing for a completely different book/author/series, I somehow found myself on author Nancy Martin’s Goodreads page, and I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that three additional books had been written in the last few years. I couldn’t buy the books fast enough (that in itself is saying a lot because I can’t actually remember the last time I bought a book!) and have so loved catching up with beloved characters I once thought were gone.

The series follows the Nora Blackbird, a Philadelphia socialites who is going through some rough financial times, leading her to take a job as a social reporter for the local paper. In this fashionable role, she finds herself repeatedly at the centre of a lot of action and murder, and with the help of her quirky sisters sets out to solve the case.

The series is fun, fashionable, lighthearted and entertaining, and No Way to Kill a Lady has lived up to all of my book hopes and dreams. It’s been a great summer read.

Currently Reading: Little Black Book of Murder: A Blackbird Sisters Mystery #9

Because, clearly I couldn’t just read one.

What’s Next?

Surprise! We’re back in Canada.

Until the end of June we definitely weren’t planning on coming back to Canada this early, but an opportunity presented itself that we just couldn’t say no to (more on that soon), and coming back home just made the most sense.

So, here we are.

We’ll spend the next few weeks exploring Toronto, Ottawa and a few towns in between, as well as catching up with friends and family.



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Month in Review: July 2016 []

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  1. I love the Nordic countries and having been in Madrid once in July, i can see the need to escape the heat. But i wish you could send some heat and sunshine my way! I just moved to Aberdeen and already missing it…. Have fun in Canada.. I haven’t been back home to Toronto since Christmas and I’m really due for a visit.

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