National Dishes From My Travels: Thoughts, Feelings and Reactions

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As they do with birds, animals and flowers, most countries have a national dish, which in most cases, is a food that’s been prepared for generations; it’s a food that shares history, legends and traditions with each and every forkful. Experiencing a country through food is one of my favourite ways to get to know a new place; it’s really quite astonishing how much you can learn simply by sitting down, digging in and sampling its national fares.

Throughout our travels, I was lucky enough to try the national dish in nine of the 15 countries we’ve visited. As with anything, there were hits and misses. Most of the time my curiosity was rewarded with amazing and surprising flavours, but there were a few odd times where my curiosity got the better of me and I was left with a meal I probably wouldn’t order again.

For the purpose of this post, I’ve only decided to feature national dishes that I ate in that country, for example, I enjoyed a ham hock in Vienna, and although it was delicious and it’s a food the city is famous for, it’s not a national dish. It is, however, a national dish of Germany, but I was too focused on Christmas market beverages to get into the ham hock during our visit to Hamburg, so unfortunately, ham hocks just don’t make the list. I also omitted a couple of foods like Bratwurst (Germany) and Pasta (Italy) because really, what can I say about those delicious meals that hasn’t already been said. And, chances are you’ve probably sampled them somewhere along the way yourself!

So, let’s take a look at my thoughts, feelings and impressions of the national dishes I sampled in 2016: Continue reading “National Dishes From My Travels: Thoughts, Feelings and Reactions”

Top Ten Reasons to Take a Canal Tour in Bruges & Ghent

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I’m a pretty nerdy traveller. I love taking tours. I love making lists. I love doing all those things you’re supposed to do in the places you’re supposed to do them in, and have amassed a pretty great collection of selfies doing all those things. So, it should come to no surprise to anyone who knows me that not only did I sign-up for canal tours in both Bruges and Ghent, but I LOVED them.

I loved them so much. I could wax poetically about the tours, the sights, the charm and magic of each city for hours. But, no one wants that. So, I will save you an eternity of eye-rolling (and deleting me from your blog roll) and instead, here are the top ten reasons I think everyone visiting Bruges and Ghent should take a canal tour: Continue reading “Top Ten Reasons to Take a Canal Tour in Bruges & Ghent”

Petite Adventures’ Guide to Bruges

Petite Adventures' Guide to Bruges []

When planning our recent trip through Belgium and the Netherlands one of the towns we knew we couldn’t miss was Bruges. Located in the north-west of Belgium, in the province of West Flanders, Bruges is a charming and historic town that gained significant fame in the late-2000s thanks to the Colin Farrell film, In Bruges.

Although small (the historic centre covers approx.430 hectares), this charming Belgian town is quite cosmopolitan and bourgeois. As per Wikitravel: “it is one of the best preserved pre-motorised cities in Europe and offers the kind of charms rarely available elsewhere.”

Thanks to its famous canals, wooden houses and green surroundings, Bruges really is a perfect postcard, a fairy tale of a town. Continue reading “Petite Adventures’ Guide to Bruges”

In Bruges

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It was 1:30 PM when we arrived in Bruges. Most kitchens in town weren’t even open for lunch and yet we’d already lived a day.

We left Madrid just after dawn, flew three hours and then as soon as we could, hopped on a bus that would take us from Charleroi, an hour south of Brussels to Bruges, a charming historic town in north-west Belgium. Dave was able to sleep for essentially the entire trip. Whenever he hit a chair, he was out cold. I, on the other hand, could barely catch a wink. I was too excited to sleep. I was excited to further explore Belgium, excited to cross a new country off my list (the Netherlands), and excited for almost a full week away from it all; away from worrying about our upcoming move, away from worrying about whether or not we’d get our fianza back and how much, and away from the general worries about the future that everyone in their early-30s has.

It would be a proper vacation. Albeit, a proper vacation on steroids as we had ambitious plans to explore five cities in six days, but a vacation nonetheless. Continue reading “In Bruges”

Petite Adventures Month in Review: June 2016

Travel Blog Month in Review June 2016 [}

Well Happy Canada Day and happy Friday, reader-friends! Can you believe it’s time for another Month in Review post?

I can’t.

It seems like just yesterday I was welcoming the beginning of June. But, here we are. Let’s take a look back at the month that was June. Continue reading “Petite Adventures Month in Review: June 2016”