What to Wear in Oslo in Winter

Choosing what to wear in Oslo is no simple task when visiting in winter. The days are shorts, the temperatures are cold, and the weather can change from lovely to unbearable on a dime.

When we visited the Norwegian capital just before Christmas, the weather was cold but pleasant. The days were crisp, but the sun was shining. The ground was covered in snow, and at times be battled a bit of wind, but all in all, they were the perfect winter travel conditions.

To ensure that I stayed warm and comfortable throughout our time in Oslo, I decided to focused on three key areas of my wardrobe. Here are the top three things I chose to wear in Oslo that ensured I was never underprepared for Norway’s winter weather.

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5 Reasons to Visit Oslo

Oslo, Norway is a stunning and surprising city.

Home to a population of more than 670,000 people, Oslo is the smallest of the Scandinavian capitals. But, despite its relatively compact size, Oslo is a city that packs a big punch. With more than 50 museums, a  bustling food scene, and an access to nature that is unrivalled by any other capital, there is so much to discover in this Norwegian city.

Here are the top five reasons I think you should plan a visit to Oslo, Norway.

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Guide to Two Days in Oslo

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Oslo is one of Europe’s most unique and stunning cities.

Although it is the smallest of the Scandinavia capital cities (boasting a population of just over 670,000 people), Oslo has no shortage of attractions. Whether you’re interested in sports and outdoor activities or fancy a day in a museum, there’s something for everyone in Oslo – and you won’t even have to go far to find it!

Oslo’s compact city centre is easily navigated on foot, making it the perfect destination for a city break, no matter the time of year. Read on to learn how to make the most of a short stay in the Norwegian capital.

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