Petite Adventures Month in Review: November 2016

Petite Adventures Month in Review - November 2016 []

Not too much has changed since my last monthly round-up: November was a month filled with work, worrying and wondering when a few last pieces would fall into place.

But, since I don’t want this to become a place where I come to complain and only share the negatives, I’ve decided to ignore all the things that are annoying me, and focus on the positives that occurred over the last month (if you really want to read about the negatives, you can check out my latest expat update for details).

Let’s just say, November and I didn’t get off to the best start, but we’ve since turned our relationship around, and let’s leave it at that.

November wasn’t a month filled with travel or adventures, but it was a great month for us on a personal level. We’ve made a few friends here in Leeds from various parts of our lives (colleagues, classmates, as well as friends we randomly met and hit it off with), so our weekends this month were spent nurturing those new friendships (i.e., eating, drinking and laughing). It’s been quite wonderful and has definitely filled the void left by our lack of travel.

Having a diverse group of friends has also helped us settle in Leeds much faster than we did in Madrid. At this time last year, although we’d been living in the city for two-plus months, Madrid still didn’t feel like home, whereas here in Leeds, it’s a completely different story. I guess the old adage is true: it’s the people, not the places. Continue reading “Petite Adventures Month in Review: November 2016”

An Afternoon in York

Afternoon in York []

For weeks I dutifully checked the weather, waiting for that perfect, sunny Sunday so that we could finally see the city of York. Apparently, it was a must-see, and for weeks it was all anyone asked us about: “Have you been to York yet?” But the weather just wasn’t cooperating, so we hadn’t.

It wasn’t until mid-October that my weather network app showed me a Sunday full of sunshine and devoid of clouds, raindrops and any hint of fog. So we set the date, and I looked forward to it all week.

We woke up before dawn that Sunday, not because we were excited about our day trip, but because the club that is obnoxiously close to our flat had turned up their music and was raging away at 4:33 AM. We stayed awake until 6:30 AM when our apartment finally stopped vibrating due to the bass from down the block and we fell back to sleep instantly, only to awake again at 10:30.

Even though we’d planned for days to take a trip out to York, we clearly were not getting an earlier start to the day. But it was Sunday, the day of rest.

We lingered and lounged for the rest of the morning, and it wasn’t until1:30 PM when we finally arrived at the Leeds Train Station. Now, this was not the most ideal timeline for a (half) day of exploration, but we didn’t want to squander this rare weather opportunity any more than we already had.

It turns out than an afternoon was all we needed. In that short time we were able to see, sample and sip our way through the city and experience the best of York. Here’s my guide to an afternoon in York.  Continue reading “An Afternoon in York”