Located on Poland’s northern coast, Gdansk is a city known for its rich history, quaint seaside vibe and for being one of the country’s most beautiful locations. All in all, it’s the perfect destination for a city break.

While most tend to visit the seaside town in summer, thanks to an outrageously good Ryanair deal, I found myself strolling Gdansk’s cobblestone streets in late-January, where temperatures hovered around -10C and lounging on the beach was completely out of the question.

It was cold, but the sun was shining, the air was clear and the city was alive. The conditions were perfect for exploring this beautiful Baltic city. So, I did what any good adventure does: I bundled up and set out.

Although the days were cold, I wasn’t thanks to a few excellent wardrobe choices. If you’re planning on visiting Gdansk (or Poland) in winter, here are the six key pieces I recommend you bring to keep you warm while looking stylish on your trip.

Base Layers

Set the foundation for a great day in Gdansk by slipping on your base layers. These underlayers will help protect your skin from the elements while keeping you warm and dry as you explore the city.

I am a huge fan of fleece-lined or merino wool leggings or tights. These fab pieces fit comfortably under your favourite pair of skinny jeans, adding warmth without the bulk.

Here are a few of my favourites:


Top off your base layers with a pair of classic black skinny jeans. Not only will you feel perfectly chic yet casual in your skinnies, but the thicker denim fabric will help protect your legs from the cold air and wind chill.

Here are some of my favourites:


Pair your skinnies with a wool sweater to ensure you stay warm, from top to bottom. 

Wool is a great fabric for winter travels as it won’t wrinkle in your bag. Wool also repels water and wicks away perspiration, so you’ll feel warm and cozy all day long.

Try adding a little Nordic flair to your adventure wardrobe with a fair isle sweater (my current sartorial obsession).

Here are some of my favourites:

Five Reasons to Visit Gdansk, Poland


When it’s time to head outside, top your ensemble with a cute but practical down jacket or puffer coat.

These beauties are perfect for travelling as they roll up nice and tight, taking up very little room in a suitcase, but add mega-warmth when you need it.

They come in all shapes, lengths, sizes and colours, so you’ll have no problem finding one that won’t make you feel like the Michelin man.

Here are some of my favourites:


There is nothing worse than cold feet and icicle toes when you’re out exploring a new city. Ensure you make the most of the short winter days by slipping into a pair of boots that will keep your feet nice and toasty warm.

But don’t think you have to sacrifice comfort and warmth for style. Whether you prefer a classic Chelsea, a waterproof Hunter, a fur-lined Ugg, or a chic leather wedge, there’s a boot option that will fit all your cold weather explorer needs.

Here are some of my favourites:


Top off your look by wrapping an oversized or blanket scarf around your neck (the bigger the better) and pulling on a beanie (or toque, if you’re Canadian), and just like that, you’re ready to hit the streets of Old Town Gdansk.

Here are some of my favourite cold weather accessories:

By making sure your suitcase is packed with these six elements, you’ll not only stay warm while exploring Gdansk, Poland this winter, but you’ll look fantastic doing so.

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  1. My Husband was in Gdansk last week and it was snowing! Having the right gear makes so much difference to enjoying winter travels. Great post!

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