Choosing what to wear in Oslo is no simple task when visiting in winter. The days are shorts, the temperatures are cold, and the weather can change from lovely to unbearable on a dime.

When we visited the Norwegian capital just before Christmas, the weather was cold but pleasant. The days were crisp, but the sun was shining. The ground was covered in snow, and at times be battled a bit of wind, but all in all, they were the perfect winter travel conditions.

To ensure that I stayed warm and comfortable throughout our time in Oslo, I decided to focused on three key areas of my wardrobe. Here are the top three things I chose to wear in Oslo that ensured I was never underprepared for Norway’s winter weather.

What to Wear in Oslo, Norway in Winter []
Bundled up and exploring Oslo.


The most important piece of clothing I brought with me to Oslo was my coat. My insulated and waterproof parka kept me nice and cozy no matter where we went or how long we spent outside. Even when the winds picked up near the water, I didn’t have to worry about catching cold because my parka had me covered, literally.

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Base Layers

When packing for our city break to Oslo I faced a bit of a challenge: I wanted to be warm but wasn’t interested in looking like the Michelin Man (my coat already does enough to help me in that department). Instead of packing my trusted fleece-lined leggings I opted for a pair of thermal tights. Almost as thin as nylons or pantyhose, these tights provided me with all the insulation that I needed without adding too much bulk. They were the perfect base layer for outdoor adventures in the city.

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Boots & Socks

I have said it before and I will say it again, there is nothing fun about having cold feet when travelling. To ensure I didn’t have to deal with cold feet while out exploring Oslo I made sure to pack a pair of thermal socks and durable boots for our trip.

Although I was wearing a pair of thermal tights, I never left the flat without slipping on a pair of thermal socks. Not only did they add a bit of extra cushion to my step, but my thermal socks ensured that my feet stayed toasty warm while exploring all that Oslo had to offer.

The final piece of my wardrobe puzzle was my Blundstone boots. These ultra-versatile and durable boots are not only comfortable to walk in for hours on end, but they withstand some fairly harsh conditions. Whether crossing the street or a field covered in snow, my Blundstone’s kept my feet well protected and dry.


Figuring out with to wear in Oslo is winter can be a bit of a challenge. By focusing on three key areas, I was able to stay warm and dry throughout our city break. Plus, I never had to worry about being unprepared, whatever the weather.

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What to Wear in Oslo, Norway in Winter []

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