Top Five Things to do in Florida

Florida is one of the most visited states in the USA. With its tropical weather and sun-filled days, it’s easy to see why so many people flock to this southern state. Whether you’re a family of four, a couple on their honeymoon or a solo traveller looking for adventure, Florida has a myriad of exciting attractions and activities to keep you enthusiastic and entertained.

From beaches and nature to exciting rides and worlds of fun, Florida is the perfect destination for families and friends of all ages! Read on for the top five things to do in Florida, in no particular order. Continue reading “Top Five Things to do in Florida”

How to Survive in Sweden Without a Personal Number

A version of this post first appeared on the Newbie Guide to Sweden.

There are just some things that make life easier. Cars make bringing home groceries easier; crock pots make cooking easier; and, apps, smartphones and Google Maps have certainly made travelling and exploring every corner of the globe easier.

In Sweden, one of the things that makes life infinitely easier is a personal number.

This 10 (or 12) digit number, issued by the Swedish tax agency, is your golden ticket to life in Sweden. It grants residents not only access to the Swedish job market, but to gym memberships, library cards, health care, bank accounts, and more. It’s hard to believe that one little number could wield so much power.

So what happens if your residency permit and visa don’t entitle you to one? At first, life will be a bit more of a challenge, but over time, with a little research and a lot of effort, you’ll find you can have a great life in Sweden, even without a golden ticket. Read on for my tips, tools and strategies for not only surviving but thriving in Sweden without a personal number. Continue reading “How to Survive in Sweden Without a Personal Number”

Ride in Comfort and Style with Blacklane

I think we can all agree the worst part of any trip is the ride home. After an amazing weekend, week, or a month away, nothing feels as long as that ride from the airport back home. You’re tired, you’re hungry and the last thing you want to do is figure out when and where you have to go to catch a bus, a train or flag down a taxi for an uncomfortably long ride home.

Trust me, I’ve been there a few too many times and it’s not fun. Thankfully, there’s an alternative.

Blacklane is your global connection to a network of professional drivers. Never again will you have to ride home in anything but comfort and style. Continue reading “Ride in Comfort and Style with Blacklane”

A Guide to Stockholm’s Airports and How to Get There

For a relatively small capital city, Stockholm is incredibly well connected. In addition to its extensive metro system of buses, trains, trams and ferries, the city is home to four airports, which operate flights both nationally and internationally.

Not only is getting around the city incredibly simple, but it couldn’t be easier to get to Stockholm.

To help you make the most of your journey to Stockholm, today, I’m breaking down the various airport options and sharing with you the best, easiest and cheapest ways to get from the plane to the city centre.

Here is the Petite Adventures Guide to Stockholm’s airports and how to get there. Continue reading “A Guide to Stockholm’s Airports and How to Get There”

What to Wear in Vilnius in Winter

The weather in Vilnius in winter is cold. It’s actually one of the coldest cities in all of Lithuania (yippee!). This fact alone might deter you from wanting to visit the Baltic state when it’s covered in ice and snow, but I promise you, it’s not all that bad. With the right clothes, shoes and accessories, winter is a great time to explore Vilnius.

Read on for the three key pieces that kept me warm and comfortable when I visited the Lithuanian capital.  Continue reading “What to Wear in Vilnius in Winter”