Book Review: Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self Discovery

Book Review: Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self Discovery []

Steph Jagger was at the top of her game. She was a successful executive at a boutique public relations firm in Vancouver, working with top fashion and lifestyle brands. She owned a home and spent her weekend’s skiing in Whistler. She was living the dream.

She was hard working and ambitious and had achieved every goal she’d set for herself. But in 2009, she found herself without that next challenge. For the first time in her life, she didn’t know what was next.

Then, one fateful day while out skiing, she saw a sign – literally – to raise the restraining bar. While this is usually just a reminder for skiers to not get stuck on the chairlift, Jagger was inspired and decided it was the mantra she needed to guide her next great adventure.

Jagger needed to raise the restraining bar.

Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery follows Steph Jagger as she skis her way through nine countries across five continents, falls in love and changes her life in more ways than one.
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Staying Healthy & Sane on Long Haul Flights

Top ten tips for staying healthy and sane on long haul flights []

Long distance flights are some of the most exciting. They are the gateways epic and exotic adventures. The bridges to far off places. The first steps into the unknown. But spending 5, 10, or 15 hours cramped in a tiny seat, surrounded by strangers who are coughing, sneezing and breathing, does anything but a body good.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can prevent picking up a bug before you land.

Continuing along the theme of flight health and wellness that seems to have emerged on the blog this week (you can read my jet lag prevention tips here), I thought I’d share my top ten tips for staying healthy (and sane) on long haul flights.

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Jet Lag: The Best Defence Is A Good Offence

Jet lag: The best defence is a good offence []

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Earlier this week, I shared my struggles of overcoming jet lag following our two-leg, 11-hour journey from Toronto to London to Leeds (which you can read about here). It was brutal; the longest eight days of my life, during which I learned that exhaustion is not a good look for me. I don’t care what the interweb tries to tell me, those bags under my eyes were anything but designer.

Until we moved to Leeds, I was a very lucky traveller and could count on one hand the times I’d suffered from jet lag.

And then, five months ago, everything changed.

Now, it seems that every time we arrive back in Leeds I turn into a vampire: awake until 5 AM, sleeping until 1 PM, living under the cloak of darkness. The only difference between Dracula and I is my insatiable desire to eat garlic – seriously, I put it in everything. While living the vampire life does help me cross a lot of titles off my “to read” list, it doesn’t make for a very productive life, and both times I found myself desperately searching for anything that would cure me of circadian dysrhythmia (a fancy and never used term for jet lag, which I am hoping will seriously catch on).

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The Jet Lag Diaries

Title card - Jet Lag Diaries []

2017 did not get off to the best start for me. Those first few days were great: we relaxed, visited friends and family, and then returned back to Leeds. I anticipated a small bout of jet lag, but never in my wildest nightmares did I anticipate an episode that would last 8+ days and eventually turn itself into acute insomnia.

It started off as expected. After an overnight flight where we dozed on and off, Dave and I arrived home in Leeds and immediately fell asleep. I knew I was supposed to stay awake as long as possible to readjust, but my brain and body had other plans; I just couldn’t fight the weight of my eyelids. I spent that first afternoon/evening back, dozing on and off on the couch, before staying up until 3 AM watching Homeland.

We both went back to work immediately. I thought this would help with the readjustment, and it did for a bit. We were going to bed late and waking up a little later than normal, but it wasn’t anything crazy.

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