My Travel Bucket List: Zadar

My Travel Bucket List: Zadar, Croatia []

This week, after far too many days, weeks and months spent NOT exploring, we’re off on an adventure! For the next few days, we’ll be basking in the sun, exploring the land and staring out at the sea in Croatia.

Our first stop is Zadar, a city located on the northern Dalmatian coast. Although the city covers just 25 sq. km, it is home to nearly 76,000, making it the fifth largest city in Croatia. It’s also the oldest continuously inhabited city in Croatia, dating back to the late-Stone Age, and just last year it was voted European Best Destination.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for our time in Zadar.

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Scaredy Kate Returns: Letting My Fear Get The Better of Me In Edinburgh

I hate being afraid of heights.

It ridiculously embarrassing because usually, my fear strikes out of nowhere. We’ll be out and about, walking along, when suddenly BOOM my brain decides that the road ahead is a danger and I just stop.

That’s right I stop, or, as in one really embarrassing recent case, I sit down. It doesn’t matter how many people, children, dogs or badgers are walking along the exact. same. path. ahead of me, my brain just won’t let me carry on and my feet stay firmly planted on the ground.

It’s embarrassing and, honestly, really disappointing.

In the past few years, my fear of heights has forced me to miss out on a few pretty great experiences and views, including recently, when my fear demon denied me the chance to climb Arthur’s Seat and take in the panoramic views of the stunning, gothic city of Edinburgh.

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A Yorkshire to Canadian Dictionary

A Yorkshire to Canadian English Dictionary []

There are many things that link Canada and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, language isn’t one of them.

I know what you’re thinking: But Kate, both countries have English as an official language! And you’re right.

Except you couldn’t be more wrong.

Although the two countries share a language, there are more differences than there are similarities, especially here in Yorkshire. Over the past few months, I’ve picked up quite a few keys words and phrases that have helped me fit in with the locals.

Here’s my intro to a Yorkshire–Canadian dictionary:

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[Giveaway] Take a FREE Self-Guided Tour of Your Favourite European City This Summer

GPSmyCity Summer Giveaway []

Ahh summer, it’s the perfect season for travel: the sun shines, the temperatures rise, and it stays light out until all hours of the night giving you ample opportunity to explore your favourite city!

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Taking the Train from Edinburgh

Taking the Train from Edinburgh, Scotland []

It’s really no secret that train travel is one of my favourite ways to experience Europe.

Trains give you the opportunity to take in the scenery as you zip along; trains let you peek into towns, villages and communities that you would have otherwise missed; and trains let you sit back comfortably while watching the world fly by.

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