Review: Omena Hotel Helsinki Lonnrotinkatu

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The Omena Hotel Helsinki Lonnrotinkatu was the perfect hotel for our four night stay in the Finnish capital.

After booking our flights, we found a great deal on and jumped on it! We didn’t really know anything about the hotel and we couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised.

The Hotel

The Omena Hotel Helsinki Lonnrotinkatu is one of two Omena hotels in Helsinki, and it’s unlike any hotel I’ve ever experienced.

The hotel has no reception. 24 hours before our stay we were emailed a room number and a five-digit code–which was all we needed to access the front door and our room. At first, it seemed a bit odd, but it was insanely convenient–especially when we arrived after midnight and didn’t have to worry about making or missing check-in, and It was also great to not have to keep track of a key.

Upon arriving, the hotel was easy to navigate and felt a lot like being on a cruise ship–long hallways with rooms on both sides–except it was very, very quiet.


The Omena Hotel Helsinki was located in the heart of Helsinki, just two blocks from one of the main streets. Within a ten minute walk we could access anything–delicious restaurants, iconic sights, public transportation, and anything we could have asked for.

Perfect for Two

As I said before, we can’t say enough good things about the hotel. Each room was a self-contained pod with a bedroom, sitting area, kitchenette-type-area and bathroom. The room could have easily accommodated four, but we found it absolutely perfect for two.

The room was equipped with a kettle, a microwave, a mini-fridge and a selection of tea and instant coffee, and the bed was amazingly comfortable – so comfortable that we spent most of our mornings lounging and drinking tea because it was just too comfortable to leave.

We also had a great, big HD TV. We didn’t have high hopes , but were were beyond impressed by the amount of English channels offered. It had been a while since we watched English-language TV, so we enjoyed the options (even if it was old school 80s Columbo) and quickly got sucked into watching Britain’s Best Bakery–who knew pastries could be so captivating!

There was also no problem with the temperature. The first night we were a bit overwhelmed by the heat in the room, but after a day of exploring Helsinki we couldn’t have been happier to get back and defrost.

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The only thing I would change about our stay was that the room wasn’t serviced during our four days at the hotel. It wasn’t really a big deal; our room was still perfectly tidy, save for a few pebbles and some dust that our boots brought in, but otherwise it all good.

All-in-all, our stay at the Omena hotel was great! We couldn’t have asked for a better location or a better room for our four-day trip.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Omena Hotel Helsinki Lonnrotinkatu

  1. Holly says:

    What a great idea! I love the idea of rooms having codes and not having to check in, sometimes it is such a nightmare to have to check in to a hotel, when there are big queues and you are tired from travelling and that sort of thing.

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