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A huge, Huge, HUGE thank you to the fabulous Michaela of The FP Planet for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m honoured, humbled and oh so flattered by all the support and encouragement–from wonderful people like Michaela and all of YOU, my reader-friends!

In accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, I’ve agreed to share seven random things you probably don’t know about me. So, without further ado…

Seven Things About Me…

  1. I’ve travelled to 23 countries on three continents (and have tickets to visit two more before summer #Ihaveaproblem).
  2. My favourite place I’ve travelled was Stockholm. It was so beautiful, clean, and somehow felt like home. I can’t wait to explore it for a second time this summer.
  3. My least favourite was Moscow. I was there right around the time of P*ssy Riot so things were tense and the city felt very cold.
  4. The first time I travelled to Europe I was nine and with my parents. We drove from Switzerland to France, and I spent the entire trip with my nose in a book. I only know what towns we visited thanks to a collection of badges I earned for reading so much.
  5. I hate snakes and spent an entire week in Costa Rica on high alert–one must be ever vigilant. I managed to go the whole trip without so much as seeing one, so now I know my snake-free trips are numbered.
  6. I’ve been stung by jellyfish twice–once as a child in Hawaii, once as an adult in Costa Rica. Here’s hoping things don’t happen in threes.
  7. Reykjavik, New York, and Ljubljana are ranking quite high on my travel bucket list at the moment; although, I really can’t wait to travel everywhere.

And the nominees are…

One of the great things about the Versatile Blogger Award is that I get to share the e-love by nominating a few of my favourite reads.

The parameters of the Versatile Blogger Award are that the nominees need to have less than 300 followers, so I’ve decided to focus bloggers who have less than 300 Facebook followers (taking vague wording and making it my own). So, check’em out:

And, even though she nominated me, I want to encourage all of you reader-friends to check out Michaela’s blog, This FP Planet. If you’re looking for travel tales and inspiration,  look no further; she’s got you covered!

The Rules:

And for those who’d like to pay it forward, here are the rules:

  • Share the award on your blog
  • State 7 things about yourself
  • Choose 10 new nominees who have fewer than 300 followers.
  • Notify them via social media
  • Thank your nominator

Thanks again to everyone who reads this blog–whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or even just once, it means the world to me. Have a great weekend!

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7 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad says:

    I really like finding out more about people, so I enjoyed this post! Your luck with jellyfish sounds pretty rotten, but I’m glad you’ve managed to avoid the snakes! I’ve been to Stockholm a couple of times but it was on business and I arrived at about 6pm, then had to leave for the countryside at 6am the next day. I explored so hard in the few hours I had before bed, but I definitely didn’t do it justice and I’m very keen to return.

    Liked by 1 person

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