Expat Life by the Numbers


As I mentioned in my last Month in Review post, we’ve started the long process of saying goodbye to Madrid – we’ve canceled our gym memberships, given notice on our apartment, and in just seven short weeks we’ll be saying goodbye to Madrid for good (for now…).

I can’t really believe that our time in Madrid is almost done. It’s been a crazy few month; we’ve managed to cram a lot into a short amount of time, so let’s take a look at Madrid and abroad by the numbers:

  • 53: The maximum number of days we have left in Madrid.
  • 52: I haven’t really kept track, but I think it’s safe to assume I’ve eaten jamón at least 52 times.
  • 51: The number of times I’ve mispronounced basic numbers when depositing money at the bank.
  • 50: Number of times I’ve embarrassed myself at the bank.
  • 49: Number of times I’ve wondered why I can’t just deposit money via the ATM at the bank.
  • 48: The number of times I’ve been frustrated with Spain. Expat life isn’t all fun, games, beer and sunshine (although, that is most of it!)
  • 47: Times I’ve looked at Skyscanner in the past week. So many adventures to come 🙂
  • 45: Number of minutes I planned my escape from Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium (Scaredy Kate wasn’t feeling the heights). I did enjoy the final 15 minutes.
  • 43: Number of travel-related lists I’ve written. Love me a list.
  • 42: Number of forms filled out. Expat life in Spain = So. Much. Paperwork.
  • 40: Number of absolutely amazing, describe-it-in-a-postcard cups of coffee I’ve had. The rest weren’t so bad either.
  • 38: Number of times I’ve said “Dos bolsas por favor” (two bags, please) at the grocery store.
  • 36: Weeks since we left Canada (and watched an NHL game).
  • 33: Estimated number of croquettes I’ve eaten. each month.
  • 31: Number of afternoons spent sitting on patios, people watching and enjoying life (at least – honestly, I’ve lost count)
  • 30: the birthday we both celebrated.
  • 29: The age I tell people I am 😉
  • 24: Number of flights we’ve been on.
  • 23: Bottles of draino we bought. Ahh, Spanish pipes and plumbing.
  • 22: Trips to the airport via the metro
  • 21: Times we’ve said we need to try churros.
  • 20: The number of times we haven’t followed up on our churro plans.
  • 19: Times we’ve eaten at McDonalds – sorry, not sorry. Sometimes these things just need to happen.
  • 18: Places we’ve visited that have involved such great heights – I don’t know why I keep saying yes to these things!
  • 17: Strolls taken down Gran Via.
  • 16: Weeks until it’s back to reality (aka: work) sniff.
  • 15: Number of countries I would LOVE to visit this summer.
  • 14: The number of nights out spent laughing with friends.
  • 13: Countries I’ve explored since leaving Canada (with 3 more to come before August)
  • 12: Afternoons spent in Parque del Oeste
  • 11: Number of minutes it took me to get to my seat at the Real Madrid game (Scaredy Kate struck again). I’m glad it was only 11 because that game was phenomenal!
  • 10: Weeks of Spanish classes I took before realizing there was no hope for me.
  • 9: Number of guided tours I’ve taken
  • 8: The number of times I got lost in the first few weeks we lived here.
  • 7: Spanish provinces we visited
  • 6: Countries we’ll most likely end up visiting this summer
  • 5: Times I successfully made paella
  • 4: Groups of out-of-town visitors we took to Mercado San Miguel.
  • 3: The number of days I think it’ll be before I’ll started to crave Vino Tinto de Verano.
  • 2: Number of suitcases of clothes we’ve already sent back to Canada
  • 1: All in all, it’s been an amazing time in Madrid.

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**Some numbers are real, others just estimates.

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One thought on “Expat Life by the Numbers

  1. Silvia says:

    Times of transition like this always freak me out a bit, but it sounds like you have a lot of exciting stuff to come! And I feel you on the paperwork – I’m an expat in Norway and sometimes it feels just impossible to get stuff done here!

    Liked by 1 person

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