What to Wear in Oslo in Winter

Choosing what to wear in Oslo is no simple task when visiting in winter. The days are shorts, the temperatures are cold, and the weather can change from lovely to unbearable on a dime.

When we visited the Norwegian capital just before Christmas, the weather was cold but pleasant. The days were crisp, but the sun was shining. The ground was covered in snow, and at times be battled a bit of wind, but all in all, they were the perfect winter travel conditions.

To ensure that I stayed warm and comfortable throughout our time in Oslo, I decided to focused on three key areas of my wardrobe. Here are the top three things I chose to wear in Oslo that ensured I was never underprepared for Norway’s winter weather.

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What to Wear in Edinburgh in Winter

The weather in Edinburgh in winter is unpredictable at best. One minute you’re staring up at blue skies and sunshine, and the next, you’re running for cover as giant raindrops fall from the sky. These fast and frequent changes can make it difficult to know just how to dress when you plan on spending a day out and about exploring the city.

January and February are when Edinburgh is at its coldest. Temperatures hover around 3C and you can expect mostly cloudy and wet conditions. This is exactly the weather I had throughout my time in Edinburgh. The skies were grey and cloudy, the winds were forceful, and I definitely dodged a raindrop or two.

Although they might not have the ideal conditions for outdoor exploring, they honestly weren’t that bad. The weather helped give Edinburgh a certain mystery which complimented its gothic charm, and it made sitting beside a pub’s wood fire feel all that much better.

During my city break visit to the Scottish capital, I learned a few things about dressing for schizophrenic weather conditions. Here are the five key pieces that kept me comfortable, warm, happy and dry on my two-day visit in Edinburgh. Continue reading “What to Wear in Edinburgh in Winter”

What to Wear in Gdansk, Poland in Winter

Located on Poland’s northern coast, Gdansk is a city known for its rich history, quaint seaside vibe and for being one of the country’s most beautiful locations. All in all, it’s the perfect destination for a city break.

While most tend to visit the seaside town in summer, thanks to an outrageously good Ryanair deal, I found myself strolling Gdansk’s cobblestone streets in late-January, where temperatures hovered around -10C and lounging on the beach was completely out of the question.

It was cold, but the sun was shining, the air was clear and the city was alive. The conditions were perfect for exploring this beautiful Baltic city. So, I did what any good adventure does: I bundled up and set out.

Although the days were cold, I wasn’t thanks to a few excellent wardrobe choices. If you’re planning on visiting Gdansk (or Poland) in winter, here are the six key pieces I recommend you bring to keep you warm while looking stylish on your trip.

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Petite Adventures on Collecting Labels

Are you looking for fashion advice for your next travel adventure?

Well, you’re in luck! In addition to writing Petite Adventures, each month I share my favourite travel tips, tricks and packing lists over on Collecting Labels.

Collecting Labels is a website dedicated to the globetrotting fashionista. It’s for those that feel that inexplicable desire to explore the world and want to look good doing it. It’s home to great packing lists, shopping guides and a myriad of other articles that will help you explore the world in comfort and style.

Check out some of my favourite Collecting Labels posts from 2017:

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What To Wear In Stockholm

Stockholm is a city of style and simplicity.

Spend any time walking around and you’ll notice that not only is everyone gorgeous, but they are all incredibly fashionable and impeccably dressed.

Since moving to Stockholm I’ve spent a fair bit of time studying the style of people around me. Whether sitting on the metro or walking around town, I’m always taking mental notes on just how I can achieve that effortless Stockholm style.

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