A Day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam was the fourth stop of our recent whirlwind tour of Belgium and the Netherlands. If you’d like to get caught, you can read about our experiences in Bruges, Ghent, and Rotterdam.

A Day in Amsterdam [PetiteAdventures.org]

The forecast wasn’t promising, and after battling the rains the day before in Rotterdam, I was taking no chances.

Even though Amsterdam was high on our travel bucket list, we’d only allocated a day to the city on our trip. Well, actually less than a day, we weren’t able to find a good hotel in our desired area that fit our budget, so instead we chose to stay in Rotterdam and just take the train into the city. This meant we’d need to make every moment count, so as I said, I was taking no chances and was prepared for pretty much any kind of weather.

The skies in Rotterdam were cloudy as we made our way to the train station. Umbrella in hand, I was zipped into my rain jacket and just hoping that as the train pulled out of the station we would leave the clouds behind. Continue reading “A Day in Amsterdam”

Petite Adventures’ Guide to Rotterdam

Petite Adventures' Guide to Rotterdam [PetiteAdventures.org]

Rotterdam is the second-largest municipality in the Netherlands, and in so many ways it’s the exact opposite of Amsterdam, which is the largest. Where Amsterdam is old and historic, Rotterdam is new, modern and oftentimes, a little quirky.

It was the perfect stopover between Ghent and Amsterdam, and one we’d definitely recommend to anyone interested in design or architecture.  Continue reading “Petite Adventures’ Guide to Rotterdam”

Rain in Rotterdam

Rotterdam was the third stop of our recent whirlwind tour of Belgium and the Netherlands. If you’d like to get caught, you can read about our experiences in Bruges and Ghent.

Rain in Rotterdam [PetiteAdventures.org]

We awoke the next morning in our hotel room in Ghent, feeling a bit worse for wear thanks to our self-guided pub crawl the night before. If anyone ever tells you Belgian beers aren’t that strong, they are lying.

We spent most of the morning lying in bed, listening to the rain hitting the hotel room window, wishing for the humidity to break. Finally, as checkout time approached, we gathered our things, zipped up our raincoats and reemerged into the world.

The rain continued to fall as we retraced our steps back to the train station. With each step, I was being hit in the face by a thousand tiny droplets, while my hair was being whipped around by the wind. Even with my hood on I wasn’t safe from the elements. Continue reading “Rain in Rotterdam”

Petite Adventures Month in Review: June 2016

Travel Blog Month in Review June 2016 [PetiteAdventures.org}

Well Happy Canada Day and happy Friday, reader-friends! Can you believe it’s time for another Month in Review post?

I can’t.

It seems like just yesterday I was welcoming the beginning of June. But, here we are. Let’s take a look back at the month that was June. Continue reading “Petite Adventures Month in Review: June 2016”