Petite Adventures Month in Review: July 2017

Petite Adventures Month in Review July 2017 []

Guess who’s back, back again. Kate is back, tell a friend.

Sorry for the radio silence of late. I just needed to take a break.

Over these last few months, as I tried to juggle two jobs, staying healthy and having any semblance of a social life, I found that I just didn’t have the time I wanted or needed to spend on this blog. So, it went neglected.

And every day I felt so guilty.

On the weekends, the guilt was almost crippling. I knew I should be working on the blog, but I was tired. So, instead of just giving myself the break I needed, I would sit there at the computer wasting time. And not the good kind of wasting time. I would sit there, scrolling the internet, bored out of my mind, convincing myself that after reading just one more article, watching one more rerun of 30 Rock (again), I’d get down to business.

But I didn’t.

I’d just continue to scroll and watching feeling more and more guilty with each passing moment. And it really started to get to me.

So, at the end of June, I just decided to give myself a break. A break from blogging, from tweeting, from social media, and really a break from feeling bad.

I gave myself permission to spend my time reading a book, watching tv, or really doing whatever I pleased without feeling bad about it. At times, it was a struggle, but it was exactly what I needed: a break from the ‘shoulds’.

And it was great! I read, I cooked, I napped. And now, I feel refreshed. Full of ideas and ready to once again, populate this space with my words, stories, travels and more!

Places Visited

  • London, UK

In early-July, I tagged along as Dave and his coworkers went to London for a conference. As he spent his days learning, networking and eating sandwiches, I spent my time wandering the streets of London, finally seeing all those iconic sights, like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Notting Hill and more.

It was exactly as I had planned, except for the part where I came down with a cold on our first night there and spent four days sneezing my way through the capital.

Although I only had the energy for a few hours of touring each day, I still managed to see and enjoy a lot of the city. The cold definitely put a damper on my plans, but thankfully, there was lots of Wimbledon on TV to keep me entertained.

Plan your trip by using one of my favourite guides

Lonely Planet London 

Distance Travelled: 544 km

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Yorkshire, UK [] Scarborough, Yorkshire, UK [] Tallinn, Estonia [] Gdansk, Poland []

From left to right: Marsden Moors, Yorkshire, UK; Scarborough, UK; Tallinn, Estonia; Gdansk, Poland.

What I Read

After weeks of struggling with The Zookeeper’s Wife, and feeling bad about not reading it, I decided to give myself a break (there was a bit of a theme this month). On a gloriously sunny day, I took a stroll over to Waterstone’s, browsed the tables (for way too long) and came away with two paperback reads (gotta love a buy one get one half off sale). My goal for these books wasn’t to have them fit with my reading challenge for the year, but I was looking for easy reads that were entertaining enough. Most importantly, I was looking for books that would get me turning the pages and gave me the reading win I so desperately needed. And these two fit the bill.

My Not So Perfect Life

Katie Brenner’s life looks pretty perfect, at least the life she portrays on Instagram is. In reality, her life is far from perfect and becomes even less perfect when she loses her job and is forced to move home. Just as she’s starting to find success helping run her family’s new glamping business (yes, glamping), the boss who sacked her books a holiday and Katie is forced to spend a week learning that maybe everyone’s life just isn’t what it seems.

Now, I must admit, I had a few issues with this book as I really didn’t like the main character, like at all. I found her incredibly immature and I didn’t exactly root for her. BUT, it was an easy, entertaining enough read, and it was exactly the book I needed to get me back into the reading groove.

If you’re still intrigued, or are just looking for an easy, entertaining read, pick up a copy of My Not So Perfect Life at Amazon or Chapters/Indigo.

I See You

I decided to switch it up a bit and picked up a thriller for my second read of the month.

One day, while taking the tube home from work, Zoe Walker sees her own photo in the classified section of a London newspaper and she is determined to find out why. Is it a mistake, a coincidence, or, is someone tracking her every move?

This thriller had me turning the pages. I wanted needed to know just what was going on, how her photo ended up in the paper, why, and who was behind it. There were a couple of points where I had to accept the premise without really questioning it, but other than those moments, I was very entertained.

Looking for a chilling thriller? Pick up a copy of I See You at Amazon or Chapters/Indigo.

What’s Next?

Aside from enjoying the fleeting sunshine we get here in Yorkshire, August will see us taking a short city break to Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands to visit friends. We’ve previously visited Amsterdam and Rotterdam, so I’m looking forward to exploring a new part of the country and spending a weekend biking around in the sunshine. 


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Petite Adventures Month in Review July 2017 []

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  1. I’ve been the same! Finding it really hard to spend time on anything at the moment between two jobs, a friend visiting, hosting couchsurfers… it goes on, but as soon as I have a moment to sit down (which hasn’t happened for a MONTH, not even joking), I feel like I need Netflix. I keep hoping I’ll catch up with myself but it’s hard! Hope you manage to find a balance. 🙂 And sorry to hear you were ill for your trip!

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