#Take12Trips: My Travel Plans (Dreams) for 2016


As I mentioned in My Goals for 2016 post, I hope to visit 10 new countries in 2016. In addition to the international travel, I hope to explore more of Spain in the coming months. So, when I came across #Take12Trips Challenge and it seemed like the perfect fit.

The #Take12Trips Challenge inspires travellers to make a commitment, to get out once a month and explore—whether it’s a day-trip or a month long jaunt.

As I recovered from our trip North, I decided to do some plotting and planning, and did one of my favourite things: I made a list of all the places I would like to visit in 2016.

Clockwise from top left: Cadiz (source), Valencia (source), San Sebastian (source), Segovia (source)

January-February: Spain

Throughout January and February, I hope to focus on exploring more of Spain. So far we’ve explored Madrid, Toledo and Barcelona, but there’s so much more of Spain for us to see! And, with Renfe launching a campaign offering discounted tickets these next few weeks seems like the perfect time!

Clockwise from top left: Prague (source), Vienna (source), Budapest (source), Bratislava (source).
Clockwise from top left: Prague (source), Vienna (source), Budapest (source), Bratislava (source)

March: Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary

In March, Dave has one entire week off school. Instead of relaxing, we’ve decided to explore central Europe. We’ll start in Prague and finish in Budapest with stops in Vienna and Bratislava in between. It’s a lot to see in eight days, but I think we’re up to the challenge.

Top: Cinque Terre (source); Bottom: Rome (source).
Top: Cinque Terre (source); Bottom: Rome (source)

April: Italy

For the past few months I’ve been cyberstalking a Contiki tour. Starting in Barcelona it tours through Cinque Terre and ends in Rome. It’s slightly our of my price range (given all the add ons) so I’ve been impatiently waiting for a last minute deal. My other alternative is to use the tour as inspiration and just do it all on my own. Regardless of which way it goes, I really hope to find myself in Italy come April.

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Paris (source)
Paris (source)

 May: France

To visit Paris in the spring would be divine. They say that the city is at its peak, the sun shines, the trees are just beginning bud; the thought of it is absolutely idyllic.

Making Paris all the more appealing in May is the French Open. One of tennis’ grand slams (and my favourite), the French open takes place every year in May at Roland Garros. The chances of the tournament and my travel plans lining up is slim-to-none, but if I’m going to dream, I might as well dream big!

Clockwise from top left: London (source), Edinburgh (source), Cardiff (source), Dublin (source)
Clockwise from top left: London (source), Edinburgh (source), Cardiff (source), Dublin (source)

June: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales

The UK (plus Ireland) is one of the few places I haven’t ever touched down; not to travel, not even an airport layover. And I think that 2016 is the year to change that!

Top Row: Reykjavik (source), Oslo (source), Stockholm (source); Middle Row: Malmo (source), Copenhagen (source); Bottom Row: Amsterdam (source), the Öresund Bridge (source).
Top Row: Reykjavik (source), Oslo (source), Stockholm (source); Middle Row: Malmo (source), Copenhagen (source); Bottom Row: Amsterdam (source), the Öresund Bridge (source).

July: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands

Mid-July, I’ll find myself in Stockholm for the TBEX Conference. As I detailed in a previous post (Top 10 Places I’m Excited to Explore) from Stockholm I hope to take the train down to Malmo and on to Copenhagen. Well, as often happens with me, when I was looking at a map I realized how close I was to Norway, so I might as well add Oslo onto the itinerary. And then I figured I should just round out the Nordic countries and try to see Iceland at the same time. Ambitious? Yes. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Always.

August- September and beyond: Dave finishes school in July and we’re not sure what comes next for us. We don’t have to be back in Canada until October so we’ve kept August and September, and the rest of the year open for whatever adventures comes out way

At this point, nothing is planned or booked; this is simply a list of travel dreams that I hope come true throughout the next few months. As always, plans change – trips come and go; however, I know if I can stick to the #Take12Trips Challenge, I know I’ll have done 2016 right!

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