The weather in Edinburgh in winter is unpredictable at best. One minute you’re staring up at blue skies and sunshine, and the next, you’re running for cover as giant raindrops fall from the sky. These fast and frequent changes can make it difficult to know just how to dress when you plan on spending a day out and about exploring the city.

January and February are when Edinburgh is at its coldest. Temperatures hover around 3C and you can expect mostly cloudy and wet conditions. This is exactly the weather I had throughout my time in Edinburgh. The skies were grey and cloudy, the winds were forceful, and I definitely dodged a raindrop or two.

Although they might not have the ideal conditions for outdoor exploring, they honestly weren’t that bad. The weather helped give Edinburgh a certain mystery which complimented its gothic charm, and it made sitting beside a pub’s wood fire feel all that much better.

During my city break visit to the Scottish capital, I learned a few things about dressing for schizophrenic weather conditions. Here are the five key pieces that kept me comfortable, warm, happy and dry on my two-day visit in Edinburgh.


Waterproof Coat

The weather in Edinburgh during our visit was all over the map: wind, rain, sleet, sunshine, and sometimes, everything all at once. As we wandered around the city, I was so thankful I’d opted to bring my insulated waterproof and wind resistant jacket. That coat kept me warm and protected from the elements from the top of Carlton Hill to Edinburgh Castle. No matter where we went, or what weather we faced, I was warm, dry and comfortable.

Here are a few of my favourite options similar to what I was sporting:


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Wool Sweater

When the conditions are cold and damp there’s nothing I love more than pulling on my favourite wool sweater from TNA. From Ottawa to Helsinki, this sweater has kept me warm and dry through even the most heinous conditions.

When packing for Edinburgh, there was no way I wasn’t going to bring this sweater along, and once again, it did a fantastic job of keeping me warm, wicking away moisture, and letting me explore a new city without even the slightest chill.

Thanks to its neutral and rustic colour palette, I never once had to worry about my outfit clashing, or looking out-of-place when visiting one of Edinburgh’s famous, laid-back pubs.


With rain and wind in the forecast, I was more concerned about staying warm than getting hat hair, so I never stepped outside without my trusty navy blue toque. This hat not only kept me warm but kept me dry when needed.

A few of my current faves:



I love scarves not just because they add a bit of fun and flair to an outfit, but because they are a lightweight item that packs a big punch. I love throwing a scarf on just before leaving the house to ensure I have that tiny bit of extra protection when I need it.

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For our trip to Edinburgh, I decided to opt for practicality over fashion and sported my Hunter rain boots everywhere we went. While it didn’t rain as much as I had anticipated, I still really enjoyed wearing my fire engine red boots (and not just because they make me feel like a superhero) around town because I didn’t have to worry about any of the elements we encountered: from mud and dirt to puddles and dust, my rain boots kept me protected as I toured around town.

Here are a few of my favourite rain boot options, including my beloved red superhero boots:


The weather in Edinburgh in winter is unpredictable at best: one minute you’re basking in the sunshine and then next you’re running for cover from the rain. By packing these five key pieces for our city break, I was able to confidently and comfortably explore the city, no matter what Mother Nature threw at me.

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